Monday, September 26, 2011


The secret to romance is not how you look, how long you've been together or your achievements. Romance is being confident in who you are as a woman and as a lover. Every woman has an allure to make her man salivate. And it's not always those over the top attempts that win the attention.

Let's talk about that euphoric feeling--love. Couples who have this feeling can show each other in a thousand ways how they feel without saying one word. Is this compatibility? Chemistry? A deep connection? Whatever we call it, it's a wonderful feeling. It's an attraction of the souls.

Contrary to belief, Men do have good memories for the sentimental things. They enjoy the sweet moments as much as we do, but sometimes it's harder for them to communicate how much they need to feel wanted. They may forget an anniversary, a birthday or to take out the trash; however, ask your partner to describe the first kiss, the first time you held hands, the first time you made love and you can guarantee he will remember. Men can be romantic creatures.

One pitfall we have is listening to friends, reading magazines or watching talk shows that motivate us on what a man wants. They mean well, but it can be similar to playing pinball--all these thoughts shooting around with no focus, hoping luck plays on your side. Why not just follow your instinct? Why not just ask him? After all, who knows your man better than you? No one. Exactly.

Being in love is not about being someone else. Love is about being yourself and your partner accepting who you are.