Saturday, April 27, 2013

Naked Sushi

How many times in your lifetime do you get to eat sushi off a person's body? For me, never! It sounds a little wacky, but for some, especially Asians, it's serious stuff. It's a form of artistry. Believe it or not, it's becoming popular here in the States. From what I've heard, it takes almost two hours to prepare a model's body for the event. A body must be scrubbed, all hair removed, make up applied, and waxed down to look extra slick. Models lie down and then the private parts of the body are covered with flowers and bamboo leaves before the sushi is placed strategically. Many models are said to go into a trance-like state as "preparation" to lie there while people eat from her/his body.

Models aren't allowed to speak to patrons and they're encouraged to not speak to the models. Mirrors and candles surround the model to give it that certain "feel." No hands permitted, only chopsticks. A pitfall? As the party begins, so does the liquor. Stabbings with chopsticks can and does occur. One question I have...If the raw fish sits for too long on a warm body, will it go bad?

Picture: by James Tran.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sexy Food

Think food is sexy? You're right. It's been proven that certain foods increase the libido. And if that's not enough, these foods are jam-packed with healthy benefits. Here are a few to try...

1. Asparagus has a new name, Seductive Stalks. Green never looked better than it does on these long, slender sticks. These libido boosters are full of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, A and C, and folic acid. And if you eat enough of this veggie, it'll turn your pee green. That's how you know it's working. Serve it up steamed with a drizzle of olive oil, a dab of butter, salt and pepper.

2. Who doesn't love nuts? Almonds are known for being a symbol of fertility. Some say the scent of this nut increases passion in women, possibly why many shampoos and lotions have almond scent. Packed with fiber, magnesium and vitamin E, they will give you energy to keep going and going. Eat this nut right out of the palm of your hand, or drop them on a salad.

3. Avocado...the forbidden fruit. Yes, you heard right. It's a fruit and there's something about the shape that reminds some people of a woman's vajayjay. And amazingly, the pit looks like a man's jewels. In fact, the Aztecs named the tree, "testicle tree." With a name like that, who can resist? It's high in fat but the good kind, and men need this kinda fat to make testosterone. Dive into this treat.

4. Bananas. Not only is it used in health classes to teach horny teens how to use a condom, its shape should warn you what it's good for. Loaded with potassium, magnesium and B vitamins, it's said that Adam and Eve covered themselves in banana leaves in the Garden of Eden. Slice them up on a PB sandwich for a healthy twist.

5. Chile Peppers rate highest on the go-to-for-hot-sex chart (yea, I just made that chart up). The heat of the pepper releases endorphins which can cause a boost in mood and warming the inside of the body out, you'll have a sudden urge to strip naked. Make your tongue dance and your pulse quicken by putting a dash or two, maybe three, on your pizza or pasta.

6. Chocolate. Hell, I don't know why I love it so much, I just do. There's no explanation needed. Eat as much as you can and be happy.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Writing style as a natural voice

Over time, my writing style has naturally evolved into an extension of myself. It's a combination of my personality, beliefs and is greatly influenced by other books that I've read over the years. I've noticed in my last WIP that by concentrating on my style, it resulted in stilted prose. So, during edits, I tweaked and loosened up dialogue and narrative. However, it was a lesson learned. The story is what draws readers in, but it's an author's writing style that snags them and keeps them coming back for more. What put a chink in my style? Well, I'm not one to point blame, but a writer must be careful how much influence they give an editor. I've always believed, the relationship between a writer and editor should resemble a marriage. There must be trust, communication, understanding, productive bickering, and sex (I'm talking in the material, folks, not in real life).  If there's not a proper balance, the partnership is doomed. On the other hand, find a great editor and watch how a writer's style blooms into amazing. I've had some great ones and some bad ones. Haven't we all? Once, I had an editor say, "This character is an ass. Readers won't like him." Hm...did this editor completely fail to realize that bad-asses are my style? When I refused to "change" him this particular editor said, "You're not listening." You know, she was right, because the balanced relationship wasn't there between us. I handed this same WIP over to a published author friend to edit and the project blossomed.

With this said, what lessons have I learned?

1. Read, Read, Read to develop your writing style. Reading expands the brain and that's where most writers, especially beginners, learn the craft.

2.Write, Write, Write. It's like riding a bike, you must get on the bike to start and you must fall to learn.

3. Be natural. Go with that inner voice that's leading you to your writing style. If it needs cultivated, do that during editing, but restraining your style can ruin a story.

4. Less words mean more. Here's another problem I have. I want to over-nurture a sentence. Wrong!! Clear, to the point sentences are what keeps the flow marching.

5. Leave the cliches for everyday talk, but attempt to develop your own expression in writing.

6. The thesaurus should be your best friend. You should love it, hold it, squeeze it and cherish it. It'll be there when all else fails, trust me.

7. Last, but not least, you must love writing. For me, writing is like falling into insane madness and loving every second.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The man who was built like a horse

Here's a story to brighten your day, at least I hope.

Molly led Mike down the darkened hall to her bedroom. The glowing candles cast a golden light on the wall and cradled them in its romantic ambiance. Molly turned to Mike, his eyes were the perfect color of lust, and she moved her hand along the contour of his cheek. Their love was forbidden but she refused to abide by unspoken rules. Denying him could only be her death.

     Mike lifted her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the back of her knuckles, then gently lowered it. "There's nothing to fear." His words drew her closer as he snaked one arm around her waist.

     She breathed in his musk scent as she pressed her body against his. Rumors had proceeded his arrival and the tale left her curious. Moving her hands to his shirt, she lifted it upward, removing it from his flat stomach, brawny chest and over his shoulders. She smoothed her hands along the masculine lines of his torso, stopping momentarily at the bull tattoo on his side then continued her exploration until her fingers skimmed the waist of his jeans. With no inhibition, Molly undid the button and dipped her hand lower. His hard sex stood erect and the tip moistened with anticipation. Her inner thighs quivered with her own need. 

     "Let me love you, sweet Molly." His warm breath swept across her cheek.

     "You are full of lies, but I can no longer resist the desire that torments me," she whispered.

     Molly closed her eyes. He tugged her thin gown higher on her thighs and she whimpered at the touch of his large, calloused hands against her skin. He pushed her panties over her hips and slipped his finger inside her core. She arched her back, her nipples tingled and her body ached. She cried out in anguish as she opened her eyes and stared into his gaze that welcomed her with its hypnotic charm.

     She was lost...

To be continued...


Friday, April 19, 2013

Sex in the morning

Everyone should wake up to sex in the morning. What better way to start your day? Sure, not everyone can begin a day with a hot lover and a big O. It's something worth striving for, don't you think? I'm not sure why, but my mind conjures up better sex scenes in the morning. The first thing I think about when my feet hit the floor is, what are my characters up to today (after I kiss the hubby, of course)? My newest characters are on the very, very edge, ready to take things to a new level. Where? In a restaurant booth. Not sure where they'll end up: table, floor, or just on the vinyl seat. I'm wondering if other writers have the same thoughts...What size is his sex? Will the lovemaking be sweet and passionate? Or, steamy and rowdy?Maybe a bit of both. Does he groan or talk? Does she moan or whimper? So much to think about. Someone told me just yesterday that I always have sex on the brain. Not totally true. Yes, I do think about it often, but it doesn't control every waking day. Not that it'd be so bad if sex was the leading factor to every thought. I don't see a man walking down the street and think, "Wow, I'd like to do him." However, I do look at my DH often and think I'd like to get him undressed. Although sex is a huge piece to my writing, it's not the only thing. Whether we admit it or not, sex is huge for readers. They like it. And as a writer, I aim to please.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shut Your Mouth!!!

The great thing about being in a relationship is having someone to share everything with. But what happens when one becomes too comfortable and starts hurting their partner's feelings?

These are some things I think we should never say to our partner.

1. "Wow, you look cute!" First, if a woman says this to a man, I bet the first thing he will do is run and change. No man wants to be 'cute.' Women feel the same way. Cute is for a puppy and kitten, not for an adult.

2. "We need to talk." Four words that I bet make your butt pucker. What follows them can only be doom. Want to see your man sweat? Tell him these words. Although remember, once he hears this, his brain will shut down.

3. "It's just a game." Anyone who loves sports will freak out upon hearing this. Sport outcomes play a huge role in a person's mood. Some people live their life wrapped around sports entertainment.

4. "It's only a purse." Not all purses are created equally. If you tell a woman this, her mouth will drop. This goes for heels and jewelry too.

5. "I'm okay." If you say this, it means exactly the opposite. And a partner will realize this. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're being blocked. Sharing means caring.

6. "You're just like your mom." Although far worse things have been said, I'm sure, this is a put-down for not only your partner, but to his/her mom. Most men and women are protective over their parents.

7. "Size doesn't matter." If you love someone, size shouldn't matter. However, choose your words wisely. If you're a man who stares at a woman with Double D's then you turn to your partner and say, "I don't mind that you are only a B-cup," you're probably going to get slapped. Same for a man, if a woman is constantly talking about big tools, he may start to wonder how he compares.

8. "Which outfit should I wear?" This is a question with no simple answer. When a man asks a woman what he should wear, he probably won't like it. If a man offers advice on what his partner should wear, you can almost guarantee she will not like it. Save the grief. Look in the mirror :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

What's wrong with my Hooha ?!?!

Maybe it's not politically correct to talk about hoohas and the issues that come along with them, but aren't
we all adults here? If you're not 18+, hit the road kid and come back when you're old enough. Anyway, talking about the female anatomy shouldn't be embarrassing or sick to anyone. Vajay-jays are actually quite sexy, right? Okay...that's a long shot for some, considering I don't think a penis is very cute either. However, what I think is sexy is the action these parts are made for....noooooo, not for urinating. The other action. SEX. Yet, these parts of a woman's body can get sick sometimes. Do they need extra TLC? Sure they do.

I was sitting in  a restaurant the other day and the ladies sitting in the booth behind me were talking about their hooha. One of them asked, "Is it normal for me to have to pee when I'm having sex?" After a long hesitation, the other lady answered, "I think so..." I had to bite my tongue not to turn around and say, "I hear it's normal when a man reaches a woman's G-spot that she may have a sensation to pee." I decided it was best not to say anything. I wasn't stalking their conversation, although it would have seemed strange to them to have a stranger pop into their vajay-jay conversation.

Most women are comfortable talking to friends about their hooha. After all, if you have a question on whether something is normal, who better to ask than a person who has the same parts? If you're a man and you have a penis problem, who would you ask? You could ask your wife or GF, but in actuality, a woman probably wouldn't know what it feels like.

Rule of thumb: A vajay-jay should never itch, hurt or smell yucky. And for men, the penis should never itch, hurt or smell yucky. Common sense, right? And seriously, it's normal to have a sensation to pee when a man is inside. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Talking sex, literally

Want to spruce up your sexy vocabulary? Here are a few sexy words...


Can you think of any?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Classy not trashy

I always put a lot of thought in what my heroine's wear, especially on a date with their hero...who eventually
will become their lover. Real life isn't much different than one of the story lines I write. Life should be all about having fun and being classy--not trashy. A classy lady doesn't just give it away. She makes a man work for it (not saying she can't have sex with him, she just doesn't want to give it all away too soon). On date one and two, she dresses classy. A little bit of cleavage and leg goes a long way. This is a perfect time for a woman to get an idea if she wants to get to know him better. These two dates would be great for dinner, a conversation over coffee and/or a drink. Dates three and four, she must step it up a bit. At this point, she knows she wants to see more of him, but she doesn't need or want to rush. She dresses casual and they should do something fun. This way he can get to know a different side to her. A nice-fitting pair of jeans and a shirt that gives a subtle view of cleavage is a great pick. Bowling, a walk on the beach, a movie, pizza and beer, skydiving, bungee jumping...choose something that will keep you both laughing and having a good time. Date five. This is the big one in terms of moving things forward. She should dress sultry. Deeper cleavage is okay, but sultry doesn't mean trashy. It means sexy. Show a little more leg. Wear your hair wild and down along your shoulders. This may even be the date you wear the sexy lingerie you've been waiting to show off. Sex doesn't have to happen at this point, but you should be feeling the heat. If you aren't, you may rethink if you're more friends than lovers, but passion means there's a connection. From this stage on, it either dwindles or it shines.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Men and Orgasms

As a woman I have no idea how a man feels when he has an orgasm. I write about it, but do I really understand what his feelings are? No. I figure it must be similar to a woman's orgasm but with different pipes, the water must travel in different paths. I'm sure everyone, some time in a relationship, has asked their partner, "How did your orgasm feel?" I believe we're also curious how our body feels to our lover. Talking orgasm, women have it pretty lucky compared to men. We are more likely to have multiple O's, and they last longer.

 Can men have multiple O's? Researching the subject, this is what I found...

1. Did you know that most men hold their breath when they get close to an O? Big mistake. Instead, keep breathing for a better climax.

2. Kegel exercises are popular for women. They help in strengthening the muscles of the vajay-jay. Did you know that men should do these also? Don't know where it is, men? If you can stop your urine mid-stream, then you have found your PC muscle. Once you know where it is, then you can squeeze and release it. And the best thing? No one knows you're doing it, unless you're doing it very wrong. Now, during sex, let yourself go to the point of no return, but don't go all the way by squeezing the PC muscle,. Pull yourself back. Then continue this cycle a few times and see the difference it makes when you finally let loose.

3. Ejaculation and the big O aren't the same thing. Men can have an O but not ejaculate. can ejaculate and not experience an O. Learn the difference.

4.  The most important thing is...relax! Uptight muscles cause parts of the body not to function like they should. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What is Romance?

Everyone has a different idea what romance means. I guess my viewpoint is coiled. I write romance and I think I'm pretty good at making characters fall in love. Okay, that's not real life, I know. I think there's nothing more special than love with all of its frilly trimmings and benefits. When two people meet, and they are attracted to each other, feelings blossom. The trick is, keeping those warm emotions alive. How easy is it to forget what brought you together with this person in the first place? Very...right? 

So, you must arm yourself with a romantic point-of-view. Here are some great ways to show that special someone just how much they mean to you. Do you have pen and paper ready? Here goes...

1. Write a letter. Yes, I do mean "letter." Not a text. Don't use bad handwriting or grammar as an excuse...please and thank you. Print if you can't write in cursive worth a darn. And a dictionary is very handy. This will mean a lot to someone, and they can keep it forever.

2. When your sweetie is in a bad mood, don't try to fix the problem as much as simply listening. Let him/her know that you're there for them. When you sense that her mood has lightened, use your special talent and make her smile.

3. Play truth or dare. This is a game that can bring about lots of open doors and windows for laughter and hanky-panky.

4. Date night. Surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner. Share a bottle of wine. Scatter rose petals on the bed. Light candles.

5. Feed each other fruit. Grapes are perfect. Strawberries, too. Wanna take it up  notch? Play hide-the grape...if you get my point.

Enjoy each other...

Friday, April 5, 2013

The kiss of a soul mate

How important is that first kiss between two people? I believe a person can tell a lot about someone when
their lips meet for the first time. It also is a window into whether or not they're romantically fit. If that first kiss turns out wrong, it can change the future in  a negative way. With all this pressure on the importance of kissing, you better hope you're doing it right. I personally don't think there are bad kissers or good kissers. If there's a connection between a couple, the kiss will compare to a sweet electrical shock that leaves every spot on your body alive and needy. First kisses shouldn't be rushed, or planned. They should be completely spontaneous, when the mood is perfectly right. If you're kissing the one, you'll want to touch her face, take subtle peeks at how beautiful she is with your lips on her and you'll have the desire to make the moment last forever. A first kiss isn't just experienced on the lips. It touches every part of the body. Run your hands down her back and along her hips. Show her that she is the only one...and if she is, this won't be difficult because she'll know by the feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Eating for Sex

Our senses have a lot to do with how we feel and what we want. So it only makes sense that certain foods
can increase the libido. Did you know that Casanova, known for his elaborate affairs with women, is said to have eaten fifty oysters every morning. Seems like he may have been on to something considering he had a special way of pleasing women.Oysters are great for adding flair in the bedroom by boosting the sex hormone. If you're not an oyster fan, then you may want to try chocolate. Besides the pleasure it gives the taste buds, it holds a chemical that triggers a sense of well-being and excitement. From chocolate covered strawberries, edible chocolate undies, chocolate syrup to dark chocolate can never go wrong with this indulgence. I'm not sure I believe the chemicals are what enhances our mood, or it's simply because anything that tastes that good can only put someone in a better mood. Let's face it, as much as we want to indulge in chocolate, we can only eat so much before we vomit. That would NOT help the libido in any way. If you want healthier eating, foods rich in whole grains, legumes and walnuts work too.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Old lovers. New lovers. Friends who are lovers.

Friends With Benefits by Rhonda Lee Carver

Can a woman and man be friends only, no sex? It certainly is an age-old question. There are many people who'd say it's not possible. So then, what's the difference between two females, or two males, who have a "friendship only" relationship?Is it genital parts? Hormones? Brain make up? Because body part B fits into body part G doesn't mean Sex has to happen, right?

On the other side of the ocean, there are Friends With Benefits. A man and woman in a relationship for the purpose of "a good time." No commitment. No expectations, besides in bed. Sounds pretty good, depending on which angle you're looking at it. If you happen to be one-half of that equation who falls in love with your "friend" then it may seem like a looming heartbreak, unless the feelings of love are reflected sometime down the road.

Here's yet another element to this question. What if someone stays in touch with an old lover or flame? Would you mind if your partner or spouse stays in contact with an old lover? Most people, I'm guessing, would say no. After all, jealousy is human nature (to a certain extent).

As I started writing Friend With Benefits (yes, I know, the topic has been exhausted) I wanted to do a different story line. Not about two people who are in a sex-only arrangement. Instead, I wanted to show how a relationship buds between a man and woman who are best friends. However, fearing that if one admits their true feelings, it will ruin their friendship. So, this book will travel through the journey of two people who must find a way to work through this obstacle. And readers will teeter between laughter and shock during this adventure.

So, whatever your take is about Friends With Benefits, I hope you'll like my new adventure Friends With Benefits releasing May 6th. I'm enclosing an excerpt to get your adrenaline pumping.

In the meantime, what do you think...Can a man and woman be friends only? Would you mind if your partner stays in touch with an old flame? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Copyright 2013, Rhonda Lee Carver
All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.
She no longer heard his footsteps. Her breath caught. The presence of her lover changed the aura of her bedroom. The warmth of the room skyrocketed and a faint scent of cologne reached her nostrils. She frantically searched her mind for the fragrance. She knew the smell, but had no time to process the thought. All logical thinking faded when a deep, raspy growl penetrated the air. A lover’s sound of appreciation.
Knowing he was turned on charged her every nerve. Her breasts became tight. Her insides shuddered. She resisted the overwhelming urge to tear off her mask. Would he run away if she did?
A sliver of vulnerability targeted her senses. Yet, she was excited.
Cassie couldn’t be referred to as innocent. She’d had lovers in the past, but nothing like this. All experience floated out the window as she pondered what she should say, if she said anything at all.
The soft thumping of his shoes echoed off the walls as he moved across her hardwood floor. Sounded like he wore boots. Not cowboy boots, but work boots with rubber soles. Was he a construction worker? Her mind conjured up images of tight T-shirt clinging to a sweaty, toned upper body. Worn jeans cradling tight ass and muscular legs.
The apex of her thighs moistened. She had it bad. How could one man, a stranger at that, fan her thoughts into flaming desire?
With use of her sight off limits, her hearing became overly sensitive. She listened to every sound. The rustling of his clothes and a long, drawn-out sigh, then scuffling as he moved to the side of the bed. She pushed herself higher against the headboard, anticipation growing heavy.
He didn’t touch her. She tucked her bottom lip between her teeth. “Hello?” She wished she could have hidden the eagerness in her voice. She didn’t want to come off as desperate; however, her body throbbed in yearning.
She started to speak again, but the mattress lowered under his weight. Her body slid a few inches toward him across the slick material of the cover. She pushed herself back up, regaining her pose on the bed. Her breathing grew heavy in her ears. Her heart raced. Could he hear it?
Although she knew it was coming, she jerked when his fingers touched her ankle. She laughed at her involuntary reaction, but it fizzled. His touch seemed like a laser, sending rivulets of heated awareness up her leg and exploding like shards of glass into her loins.
A sigh fell from her lips before she could snatch it back. “Yes.” She clenched her hands at her sides.
Slowly, deftly, his palm trailed a frenzied path upward past her knee, and settled against her inner thigh. A shiver of need gripped her muscles.
The tip of her tongue slid out and moistened her lips on its own accord. She didn’t care that desire plagued her with physical signs of longing. All she knew was she wanted this man. Apprehension disappeared.
“Please,” she pleaded.
His hand, warm and large, relaxed against her stomach.
She squirmed, started to reach out to touch him, but he clutched her wrists with one hand and held them securely. She moaned. “I want to touch you.”
“No.” His voice came as a gruff whisper.

Friends With Benefits by Rhonda Lee Carver