Sunday, March 25, 2018


She was a bit dizzy standing before him, faced with his tanned, amazing, warrior-like good looks. His blue eyes and daring smile put a new spin on handsome. His words, laced with an easy twang, were said in such slumber, reminding her of a trickle of water over the rock-bed of a creek. All these enticing attributes wrapped up in a tall, brawny, masculine cowboy. A huge benefit...he knew his way around a woman's body--and heart. He shifted and his worn Wranglers stretched across thick thighs. Her thoughts dipped in an image...smooth saddle and wild ridin'.
Seized by the Lawman (#3, Lawmen of Wyoming). Nothin' better than a cowboy wearin' a star.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wanted by the Lawman is LIVE

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Wanted by the Lawman 

Lawmen of Wyoming  book #2

To Serve. Protect. And desire.

Monday, March 19, 2018


Wanted by the Lawman

Releases 3/20 

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His embrace feels like home, 

but if she stays will she destroy him?

To Serve. Protect. And desire.

Special Agent Zander Cade discovers his stunning neighbor and realizes she has a handful of secrets that could put him in a difficult situation. He has a job to do, but her beauty and spunk deter his every intention to abide the law. If his instincts are right, she's a whole lot of trouble...and in danger.

Wynn Makelti has no other choice but to move into her grandmother's neglected house, at least for the time being. Anything is better than going back to her ex whose criminal activity is catching up to him. The Wyoming scenery isn't too bad, considering her neighbor has caught, and keeps, her attention. But can he be trusted? She believes he has a few secrets of his own and she makes it a priority to find out what he’s hiding behind his hat, beguiling smile and bad-boy tattoos.

Little by little the secrets begin to unravel and turmoil shows up on her doorstep. As safe as his embrace feels, can she stay and possibly put him at risk from someone from her past? If she leaves, she could lose everything she has come to love.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018


Fighting the smile that ached to erupt, she knew it would only stir the pot. That’s not what she wanted, at least not on the first day in town. She needed to make friends, not enemies, and Wynn had a feeling this man would be the best type to have on her side. “I’d offer you a cup of coffee, but as you can see, things are a bit out of place around here.” She ambled up to the dog and held out her hand as an offering for him to sniff.
“She doesn’t take up to strangers very quickly,” he warned.
“This precious girl?” Wynn bent to one knee and gave the dog a good scrub behind the ears. “She’s real scary there…a real tiger.” 

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A parent's (child's) worst nightmare!

Last week our children faced an event that no child, or adult, should have to face. A bomb threat in their school. The kids were rapidly evacuated because of the threat. At 2:20 I received a call stating the kids were being released early. I was in Cincinnati Children's and luckily we were just finishing up. I immediately started making calls, to my daughter and her grandmother, trying to find out if everyone was okay. However, I didn't get an answer.

When I got home, I found my youngest child sobbing, bright red, and freezing. Why? She came home from school without a coat, phone or key to get in. It was in the 30s and she had been sitting outside for 2.5 hours. My heart broke, because not only had she been evacuated from her school, not knowing what was happening outside of hearing rumors that there was a bomb, but she came home alone and was scared. Angry at the situation, I wrote a post on Facebook. Not blaming anyone, just saying how frustrated I was...

This post was not slamming the evacuation process, how untimely or chaotic it had gone, or how our kids (most of them) were sent home without their bags (my daughter had everything in her bag). I mean, who can be prepared for something this terrible? I have complete confidence that the staff, and law enforcement, did everything they should have. However, immediately after I posted my feelings, I received comments and PMs telling me this was my fault as a parent that my daughter had to sit outside for 2.5 hours in the cold. Or, that it was her fault for not grabbing her things (when she was told to leave everything). I also received positive comments and messages. I can assure you my daughter did everything she was supposed to do under the circumstances, just as staff and law enforcement did.

What really got me people want to find a target to blame, outside of who is truly to blame. Like the person who decided he/she would make a threat that would cause panic and disrupt lives, even outside of school.

I was even surprised that some told me..."Have a back-up plan. Why didn't you have a back-up plan?" A bit presumptuous, right?

First, I did blame myself. What parent wouldn't? I wasn't here when my child needed me most. Not by choice, but it doesn't lesson my hurt. And it doesn't change the fact that I should have been here when my child stepped off the bus to give her the hugs she deserved. Second, we not only had a plan in place, if something unforeseeable happens, but we had two back up plans (all three failed). Key and phone in backpack. Failed. Her grandmother was supposed to be here waiting. Failed. And my daughter then is supposed to go to the neighbor's house. Failed because they weren't home. So, not that I'm relieving myself of guilt, but these were the circumstances. Maybe there's a fourth back up plan? I'm sure there must be.

Several of these people who wanted to make it very clear to me that I'm at fault are people who never respond to my hundreds of positive comments on my Facebook wall, but the one post among hundreds that is negative they swoop in and take a jab. Sure, I get it, these aren't friends. I wear big-girl panties and I have swept their negativity away as easily as yesterday's trash. Yet, I can't seem to shake the core issue here. How can anyone believe that it's fine for my child, ANY child, to go through a rapid evacuation then come home and sit in the cold? Where was your child? In the warmth of your house? Would you complain if it was your child left outside for 2.5 hours in 30 degrees? I understand most people thought I should plant a smile on my face and be thankful because it could have been worse...

Yes! I'm grateful that no one was hurt. Things could have been far worse. I'm glad every child was evacuated and delivered home where safety is. But, I won't apologize for my anger at the situation. If you can't understand that there's nothing more I can say to convince you. Our children are facing a time of unforeseeable, horrible challenges and by showing your claws toward a parent who is concerned for her child is a sign that we aren't united for the benefit of our children. I hope it's not your child left in the cold heaven forbid this should happen again.