Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I hear everyone's take on love. It seems everyone has an opinion on what love is. What loves feels like. Is love a feeling that fades. Love lives inside our heart until we die. A friend once said to me, "You can never know a possibility unless you take the risk."

Love is an interesting thing. We can't see it...or can we? The smile on another's face. The look in someone's eye. Have you ever had someone look at you and you can see forever?

Love is a gift. It brings alive every cell inside our body, sizzles evey molecule. Love is healthy. It magically plucks the brightest stars from the sky and sets them into our eyes. Our smile is wider. Our capacity of emotion is deeper. Suddenly, another's happiness is all that matters. We'd walk across the desert, on shards of glass, carrying weights on our back for that one person. It sounds like work...yes, it is. However, it's the greatest feeling one can experience. The deeper the love, the harder we must strive. Love is insanity. And it feels good.

For anyone who has loved and lost, we understand this emotion called love, the one we can't see, taste, touch, is real. So real that when it leaves the body it takes with it a piece of our soul. It can mask everything else in unimportance.  

Does love fade? Or does time use its master skills in blanketing the emotion--giving us the illusion that love is forgotten? Have you ever loved someone beyond all realm of reasoning? And then lost that person? What happens if you see that person two weeks, two years, two decades later? Does love come strongly or is it gone? True love is forever...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sexy-Recipe Monday

Strawberries in a chocolate shell

Dipping chocolate
Whipped topping
two cherries

Melt dipping chocolate according to directions. When completely melted, pour into small bowl, coating a thin layer inside the bowl. Let harden.

In the meantime, rinse strawberries.

Royalty Free RF Clip Art Illustration Of A Beautiful Red Rose by Vitmary RodriguezWhen the chocolate is hard place botttom of bowl in lukewarm water until the chocolate slides out. I suggest placing in the freezer until right before serving. Fill the chocolate bowl with strawberries and whipped topping. And for more detail, drizzle melted chocolate over and add two cherries on top.

This is a creation that looks like it had taken lots of effort, but actually very litttle. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Poetry Wednesday


The price was paid with each moment that crawled by
Torture and torment for the mind and the heart
Nails of truth and loss digging into the soul
Magnets of deceit pulling and dragging
Is that a smile on his face?
Is that power and control he exudes?
One hand threads into silken locks
The other pushes with blades of steel
He no longer listens
His cage is closed

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rie McGaha

It's A Rock Star's Life by Rie McGaha

Rie.jpgThat's what most people think when they find out I'm an author, and everyone seems very impressed and kind of in awe that I have such a "glamorous" life. I know every author out there reading this right now is laughing because: 1) They've had a similar experience, and 2) It's far from the reality of it.

Don't get me wrong, being a full time author has its perks. I am able to work from home in my pj's; my laptop allows me to sit in bed with the TV on (I will not miss Maury for anything!), and I work my own hours, take breaks when I want – for as long as I want, and yep, I get paid for it. Not a bad job at all. However, it also has drawbacks. I am on line ten or more hours a day. I spend a good portion of those hours promoting my work and/or editing my work. My on line life often clashes with my real life.

For instance, this week is a great example. On Monday my preggo daughter began having contractions, but nothing regular or strong enough to warrant a trip to the hospital, which is good because the hospital is seventy-five miles away. She has an eighteen month old daughter, Meagan, and it takes the four adults in this house to keep her under control and occupied. On Tuesday we had more thunderstorms, which isn't unusual for where we live, but there has been an extraordinary amount of storms and tornadoes this year, and by ten that night, we were on our way to the hospital.

We made the trip in howling winds, driving rain, and about one thousand lightning strikes per minute. I spent the night sleeping in a hospital chair because the doctor wasn't going to come in till the next morning. Wednesday morning the doctor came in, broke Lisa's water and in about thirty minutes, we had an 8lb 10oz bounding baby boy. Then I had to hightail it back home to relieve Papa from Meagan duty, in yet another thunderstorm that knocked out the power. I had a radio podcast show to do that evening but with no power, I had no phone and no computer so I couldn't even let my producer or the guest know.

This morning my daughter and her son were released from the hospital. I picked them up, while my husband took our son-in-law to his appointment for a vasectomy, (my daughter had a tubal ligation the night before). Contending with a daughter who is sore and tired, a granddaughter who is not too happy about her mother bringing that baby into the house, a sil who is using frozen peas to help the swelling in his nether region, a husband who is worn out and has missed two days of work, and a Chihuahua and a French bulldog who are also jealous of the new baby – it's been one of those days when I almost with I didn't live with my daughter. Almost.
* * * * *

While you can see I truly don't live a glamorous life, I do live a blessed one that I wouldn't change for the world. Dust bunnies, dirty dishes, and unmade beds can wait while Nana takes care of her babies, and usually so can my muse.
Rie McGaha is an author, editor, and reviewer. She has more than a dozen books to her credit, with books 2 & 3 of the My Soul To Keep Trilogy being released I n July & Sept. You can join Rie, GA Hauser, & Stormy Glenn at Blog Talk Radio, May 14, 2011 at noon CST, with an all day group chat at Erotic Promo.

"Da, we've returned with news you aren't going to like," Caleb called out.
William stood and turned to the trio. He raised his brows as he looked them over. "So who's this then?" He nodded toward the boy in Calen's arms."That's what you're not going to like, Da. We need to get the babe here to Margaret for care, and then we can tell you the tale."
William pulled the rope, and a loud bell rang out. A moment later, his sister-in-law Margaret came in from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a cloth.
"What is it you're wanting? I've bread to finish kneading if you want it for supper," she said, looking at William.
He sighed. The woman had no respect, but without her, he'd have never been able to raise his sons after their mother died.
Margaret turned toward Calen and Caleb and opened her arms. She walked over and wrapped all of them in a hug.
"My boys are home." She put a hand on each of their faces, patted their cheeks, and then nodded toward the boy. "And what have we here?"
Taking the child from Calen, she hugged him to her breast, then looked at the two grown men with questions in her eyes, but they shook their heads.
"Later," Calen said.
Margaret nodded. "Aren't you a sweet one?" she cooed to the little boy. He nuzzled closer to her, and she hugged him tightly.
"How old are you now? Can you show me?" He held up four fingers. "Oh, well, aren't you a big boy then? Can you tell me your name?"
"Arion," he said, barely above a whisper.
"Arion," Margaret repeated loudly and then headed back toward the kitchen door.
With his sons, William watched until the pair disappeared.
"He wouldn't even look at us," Caleb said with a shake of his head.
William grinned. "Like all of us, I s'pose he knows Margaret will get what she wants, so it's just as well to give it to her and get it over with."
They all chuckled and sat together. "So…" William looked at each of his sons. "Tell me
the story."

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Thousand Deaths

I have lived a thousand lives in your arms
And died a thousand deaths
I've called your name a hundred times
And met silence a hundred nameless ways
The tears have left stains upon my cheeks
And each moist trail bears a useless cause
Your whispers of love linger on my desire
While your hate poisons my blood
And your claws rip me to shreds
Yet the reflection of a fool
Screams back at me
Won't you make this go away
Hatred oozes from your lips
But you chain me to your need
I beg and plead for my smile back
As I wave one last wave goodbye to you

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sexy-Recipe Monday

What says romance more than a bottle of wine, glowing candles and feeding each other with your fingers?

And nothing spells sexy more than chocolate covered strawberries. This is the easiest recipe...even for those who can't boil water.

Pick up a carton of fresh strawberries and dipping chocolate (find in the produce section). Rinse strawberries and let dry completely. Melt chocolate in microwave following the directions on the container. When the chocolate is melted (no lumps) dip the fruit in, place on waxed paper sprayed with a little vegetable oil. They will harden in a matter of minutes. Enjoy !!

And if you'd like to get a bit artsy...while the chocolate is wet dip into crushed peanuts, or stream white chocolate over top.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sexy-Recipe Monday

Today's Recipe: How to Spice Up Your Love Life...

We all want our love life to be exciting and challenging to keep it spicy and hot. Sometimes it only takes a bit of creativity and an imagination to keep the spice right where it belongs...between you and your lover.

Try an evening of finger foods...and the one MUST feed each other. The ooey and gooeyest recipes are the best. And if by accident you drop something, only use your mouth to clean it up.

Text each other your deepest, darkest fantasy. You'll have your man/woman stewing with desire until they finally reach you.

Make a touching for two days. Yes, you heard me correctly. No touching. That means no kissing, no fondling, no hugs...nothing. Why? This is an opportunity to use your other sexual tools to get his attention. A sensual look across the room. A toss of hair over one shoulder. Bend over to retrieve the magazine from the floor and give him a glance of cleavage. And--ahem--backside. He walks into the door and toss him a flirty smile. By the time the rule is lifted, he'll be more than ready.

Wear sexy underwear. Not only is this an ego boost for yourself, but a man needs to be reminded that Victoria isn't the only one with a secret. You have a few of your own. Play up your assets. Nice breasts? Flat stomach? Long legs? And don't forget the sexy siren-red heels...and leave them on.

Here's a recipe to make both of you happy. Don't forget the red wine.

Ingredients (for two):
1. 1 teaspoon of sea salt (preferably rock salt)
2. 1 tablespoon of olive oil
3. 4 BASIL leaves
4. 8 AVOCADO slices
5. 4 cuts of prosciutto
6. 4 cantaloupe slices
Step 1
Place two slices of avocado on each cantaloupe slice. Place a basil leaf on top of the avocado. Wrap it up tight with the prosciutto at an angle to cover most of the melon slice.
Step 2
Put your wrapped cantaloupe slices on one plate. Pour olive oil over the lot then scatter some sea salt and serve it up. Who’s the player now? You are! Yes you can!
Can you get laid tonight?  Yes you can!
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