Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I hear everyone's take on love. It seems everyone has an opinion on what love is. What loves feels like. Is love a feeling that fades. Love lives inside our heart until we die. A friend once said to me, "You can never know a possibility unless you take the risk."

Love is an interesting thing. We can't see it...or can we? The smile on another's face. The look in someone's eye. Have you ever had someone look at you and you can see forever?

Love is a gift. It brings alive every cell inside our body, sizzles evey molecule. Love is healthy. It magically plucks the brightest stars from the sky and sets them into our eyes. Our smile is wider. Our capacity of emotion is deeper. Suddenly, another's happiness is all that matters. We'd walk across the desert, on shards of glass, carrying weights on our back for that one person. It sounds like work...yes, it is. However, it's the greatest feeling one can experience. The deeper the love, the harder we must strive. Love is insanity. And it feels good.

For anyone who has loved and lost, we understand this emotion called love, the one we can't see, taste, touch, is real. So real that when it leaves the body it takes with it a piece of our soul. It can mask everything else in unimportance.  

Does love fade? Or does time use its master skills in blanketing the emotion--giving us the illusion that love is forgotten? Have you ever loved someone beyond all realm of reasoning? And then lost that person? What happens if you see that person two weeks, two years, two decades later? Does love come strongly or is it gone? True love is forever...

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