Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday in India


The narrow streets are quiet. People are hiding from the heat of the afternoon sun. Shop owners are huddled in their shacks watching the "Soaps" on their tiny black and white tv. Businessmen are lining the streets selling their discount coupons for attractions and accomodations. A scooter's low rumble breaks the silence.

Along the path to the beach stood a large Banyan tree. This is a tree that as it starts to germinate it cracks and breaks. Many smaller trunks are dispersed from the main trunk. These trees seem to take on a life, or story, of their own. There are many myths that tag this interesting tree. This one in particular had candles and other items situated in its cracks, like a scared throne or alter.

We chose a rustic hut along the beach to rest. Sitting with our drinks in hand, we watched the sun sink into forgotten land and listened to the waves crashing against the shore. I was at peace. I fell in love with the beauty of this place. But there was something more... 

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