Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is bigger better?

Bigger isn't always better...right? Sometimes size can get in the way. 

Here are some things that you may want enormous...

1. An engagement ring. Yup, who can disagree? I'd say that a lot of women would say that size matters when it comes to a diamond.

2. Penis size. This has been a topic of debate for as long as I can remember...and way before I was a twinkle in anyone's eye. Does size make a difference? I believe it depends on who you ask.  I can think of a few advantages to a larger size, but we shouldn't dismiss the beholder's skill. For instance, a Porsche isn't large, but rides like a dream. 

3. Chocolate bar. Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll take a big one, please and thank you.

4. A big head. Uhh...not sure. I've always heard that a big head holds a lot of brain matter. I'd beg to differ. A big "head" can sometime get you into "big" trouble. 

5. Paycheck. This is a given!

6. A story with large amounts of's one you may like.

In three quick strides, he crossed the distance between them. Fire lit his dark eyes and resentment marked his expression. “How dare you come back here! Who the hell do you think you are? No one wants you here. Especially not me.”
“Who the hell do you think you are? Being Chief of Police doesn’t make you king. Not everyone in this town holds a grudge or is broken hearted. After all, when you married Tiffany, you made our promises null and void.” She treaded down an unsafe path, she knew, yet there was no stopping the overpowering need to set things straight. If he wanted to pick a fight, she’d give him one to remember.
“Don’t mention my marriage. You don’t know everything either. I realize you’d like to turn the blame on me, but you didn’t see me sneaking away like a thief in the middle of the night.”
“It’s not about who’s to blame. I believe a man who truly loves a woman doesn’t turn around and marry another a few months later. Did you think of the consequences? Did you realize it felt like a slap in my face? The difference is, I don’t walk around with a mountain-sized chip on my shoulder and taking it out on everyone around me.” Before she thought of her actions, she stabbed her finger into the middle of his brawny chest. He took another small step and she dropped her hand to her side. His heat engulfed her.
“You left. No goodbye. No reason.” His voice was dangerously low. The area around one eye flinched.
“You’re a broken record.” She could have screamed, but instead she only managed a whisper. “We can’t keep going over this. I want to stay in Raven but it seems everything is working against me. Ghost, teens, whoever they are. Is it possible just once I can get a break? You can imagine why I disappeared. If only you’d understand—”
“Stop rambling.”
She lifted her chin and looked at him. He pulled her hard against his solid body and drove his mouth down on hers with the intensity of a starved man. At first, his kiss lacked of tenderness and caring, but that changed. He forced her lips open and slid his tongue into her mouth, tasting her. She knew he wanted to prove a point and he used seduction and masculinity as a weapon. With her balled fists, she pounded his burly chest but gave little effort in pushing him away. His taste of mint and man melted her barrier. Every muscle in her body pulsated. Her nipples tingled and she could feel them bead against the material of her top.
Passion had buried itself within her bones long ago and it lured her with stunning temptation. Each painful beat of her heart called his name, begging for release from years of torment. She couldn’t resist the sweet agony or urge. She’d become a demon’s lust as her inner thighs throbbed. To deny it would be to cut her heart out because that’s where her feelings for Liam were hidden. Every beat pumped poison through her veins. He was a drug, the worst possible kind.
Struggling was useless. She’d rather breathe one last breath in his arms than breathe a billion more without him.
She slowly brought her arms around his neck, molding her body against his. His muscles relaxed and he felt like the old Liam, yet different somehow. He’d never been this bold or aggressive, and she couldn’t remember ever wanting him this much. Brawnier and manlier, he’d become the man she’d dreamt of night after night—the hero who swept in and demanded her love. She’d cried into her pillow aching for him for the last ten years. Now, the way he roped her into his tantalizing web, he knew exactly what she wanted. Only he could gratify the longing that pooled inside her core.
Smoothing her hand down his muscular back, she came to the waistband and dipped her fingers inside. Lowering her hand past his boxers, she cupped his firm ass.

He grabbed her wrist and tugged her hand away. Cold slipped in between them as he moved backward. Seconds passed as his rejection invaded her sex-induced brain.

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