Saturday, November 22, 2014

Win! Win! Win! Studs N Spurs 2015 Calendar

My holiday novella, Under the Mistletoe, is now up for pre-order at Amazon.

Under the Mistletoe will release December 4, 2014! Get you order in and anticipate a spicy holiday!

Read a hot excerpt below and enter the Rafflecopter to win a Studs n Spurs 2015 Sexy Cowboy Calendar


Alex was a perfect woman. Pert breasts. Lovely, slender hips. Long, toned legs that went for miles. A perfect in his arms.

He held his breath. What was he getting into?

Focus on bringing her pleasure because tonight is all we have.

He followed the slender curve of her shoulder with his mouth, licking as he went along, He kissed the sleek bend, along the arch of her neck, inhaling her scent that made him woozy. “Do you like that, darlin’? Me kissing your neck?”

“Yes, yes!” Her fingers rubbed the back of his neck, tangling in the ends of his hair. He imagined her doing the same when he licked her pussy.

A soft cry escaped her lips, as if she was in the beginning throes of an orgasm. It was almost his undoing. He’d never heard a more desirable sound but he needed to slow down, take things at a steady pace, enjoy it like the last morsel of chocolate cake.

Dropping his hands to her breasts, her nipples swelled under his touch, against the material of the dress. She looked up at him and his emotions stirred. He could lose himself in the dark pools and pink lips—the bottom lip was slightly fuller and quivered.

He needed to see more of her—now!

Pushing the material of the strapless dress lower, it easily fell below her breasts, exposing the thin bra. He’d been hoping she was braless, but soon she would be. He bent his head and rolled the tip of his tongue around the pert bud through the lace. She arched her back and moaned, and he held her in his arm.

“You have nice breasts. Big, beautiful nipples the same color as your lips.”

He sucked the pink pearl deeper into his mouth, suckling until her pants grew heavy and needy.

He picked her up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom, placing her in the middle of the thick, white comforter. Her dark hair spilled across the pillow—black satin against the stark white.

He joined her on the bed, angled himself above her so he could stare down into her lovely features, visually tracing each line of beauty.

Sitting up onto his haunches, he wrapped his fingers around her bare ankle, lifted her leg and brought her foot to his mouth. Her eyes widened as he licked the delicate arch. He left a moist trail to her big toe, suckling it into his mouth. She giggled and thrashed her arms against the bed. He nibbled, then sucked and blew on each toe until she quaked.

Smiling, he placed her foot on his thigh and slowly skimmed his hand along her tight calf muscle until he reached her knee. Spreading her legs apart, he continued on the path of pleasure, reaching the treasure of her warm, moist core. He smoothed his thumb along the seam of her panties. She was wet and ready and he rewarded her with sliding the lace to the side and inserting a finger inside of her. Her juices coated him.

“I’m so hungry for you,” she whimpered and bucked her hips.

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