Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cowboy Names

As I begin writing a new series, I put a lot of thought in the names of my characters. After all, the names I pick will stick with these characters for--well--ever! It's like naming a child. We peruse book after book, list after list, finding that perfect name. I'm sure everyone has their own way of finding the suitable name. Maybe it just comes to you in a dream, over dinner, in the bathroom...I had to throw that one in just to see if you were listening ;) There are a few cowboy names that have made their rounds among western writers as of lately--in my books included...


These boys are pretty popular.



are moving on up on this list of popularity. Bo was used a lot at one time, but he's coming back.

How about for a cowgirl?


Those are nice names, but they don't fit my next heroine. The name debate is still on for my newest characters.

Do you have fave names?


Pearl couldn’t believe her ears!

“Let me get this straight.” She wrapped her arms over her waist and eyed Scrawny with a narrowed gaze. “You’re telling me you caught Pugly with Charmin?” She slammed the gate shut to the corral.
Scrawny bobbed his head and scratched his scraggly beard with his dirty encrusted fingernails. After years of knowing her, Pearl believed he shouldn’t act so nervous around her. 

“Yes, ma’am. They were doing the dirty, yes-siree, they were.”

“I’m going to kill him!” Icy fingers marched down her spine. She’d had enough!

“Who? Pugly?”

“No, that son-of-a-gun DJ Walters. How many times have I told him to keep that donkey off this property? I swear he does this on purpose.” She kicked up dirt with the toe of her boot. “I knew I’d only have trouble with that scoundrel. I’ve dealt with him for years now and my patience has come to the very last thread! Just last week I was checking the mail and he drove his truck through a mud puddle, splashing me. Can you believe him? I bet if he was looking down the barrel of a shotgun he wouldn’t be so egotistical.”

Scrawny laughed but Pearl kept a straight face. This wasn’t a bit funny! His eyes widened and his jaw clicked. “You aren’t serious, are you, ma’am?”

“Very!” she snapped. “I should have done something about that man long before now.”

 “Come on, Pearl. Don’t go high-tailin’ it over at Walter’s R&R and get yourself into trouble, ya hear?” His thin bottom lip trembled. As a ranch hand at the Rhinestone Ranch, Scrawny was always attempting to keep the peace with Pearl and her sisters. Pearl almost felt sorry for the older man because she knew they never made it easy for him.

But she couldn’t go on as things were.

She had every right to feel wrath toward DJ Walters and was tired of his shenanigans!

Tightening her hands into fists, her nails dug into her palms. “Will you finish feeding Charmin for me, Scrawny? There’s something I have to do.”

“Rethink this, Pearl. Nothin’ is ever solved in anger.”

She ignored him, turned and stomped toward the truck, slipped behind the wheel and slammed the door so hard that the metal rattled. Turning the key, the engine roared alive and she cranked the window down. Sweat beaded on her upper lip and she swiped it away on the back of her hand. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this,” she yelled across the yard to Scrawny who was shaking his head.

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