Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Naughty has a price.

And the Stone sisters are willing to pay whatever it takes to get their cowboy.

Like sassy heroines and rough and tough cowboys? Then you'll love this series, Rhinestone Cowgirls.

I'm tossing in part of Chapter 1 of Book 3, Pressure Point. Hope you like it. Make sure you enter the Rafflecopter.

EMERALD STONE AWOKE to warmth against her hip. She snuggled deeper into the inviting nest as prickles feathered across the back of her thigh, tickling her. She whimpered in protest, scratched her leg, and rolled to her stomach.
Her blankets had grown hair. The bed had turned lumpy and the sun’s rays were unusually bright coming through the bedroom window. Had she forgotten to shut the blinds?
Squeezing her lids tightly, she groaned in irritation, refusing to give in to the restlessness. She wasn’t ready to welcome the day. After last night’s shindig, her temples ached and her tongue felt like a cotton ball. Her stomach gurgled loudly in validation that she’d drunk too much—way too much. However, it wasn’t every day her sister got married.
Yup, she’d definitely need another good three or four hours before she faced the world.
Throwing one arm over her head, she welcomed another sexy dream of a cowboy. Not just any cowboy either, but one in particular. Nash Walters. She’d had no idea her next door neighbor had those kind of moves…on the dance floor.
She smiled and started to drift. Birds chirped loudly. Were they right above her head?
“Go away,” she mumbled. Who let a bird in the house? If her sisters did this as a joke, Em would pay them back tenfold!
The downshift drumming of a truck engine sounded on the lane and the distant hum of a lawnmower vibrated her eardrums. The strong scent of freshly mowed grass floated under her nose—and something else….
Shifting to her side, she threw her leg over the body pillow. Rubbing her cheek against the surface, she expected softness and the scent of fresh rain fabric softener. Instead, her favorite pillow smelled like spice and leather, felt hard—and had a heartbeat.
A heartbeat?
Every muscle in her body tensed.
What had she done? Scrolling through the fuzzy memories of last night, she thought over each one. Dancing…drinking…laughing.  Nash naked.
A naked Nash?
Oh no!
Slowly lifting a finger, she jabbed her pillow. Pillows don’t have nipples! And they don’t moan when poked.
Cocking one eye open, she stared into an explicit, bright sky.
She jerked up as her heart skipped a good ten beats. “Where the hell am I?” she whispered.
Another deep moan sounded from beside her. She closed her eyes shut. This must be a dream. Counting to ten, forward then backward, she finally opened her eyes. Oh shit! The stark reality that she wasn’t alone smacked her in the face. She wasn’t at home in her bed. She was in the bed of her truck, a horse blanket covering her, with the horse trailer hitched to the back.
Panic crawled down her spine as she peeked over her shoulder. Her mouth fell open and her skin scorched. Lying beside her, stretched out in all his fine, naked glory…Nash Walters
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