Monday, May 16, 2022

Cover Reveal

 New Series! New Book! Coming Soon!

Unedited excerpt:

“Listen,” he said in a whispered voice. “One wrong move and I’ll throw you off the cliff. Understand?” She nodded. He turned her around and undid the rope. He watched her rub her wrists. She brought one hand up to the hood and he caught her slender hand with his tight grip. “No,” he muttered.

“Why can’t I remove it?”

The woman had a lot of nerve.

“Will you be pissing out of your mouth? You don’t need your eyes to take care of business.”

“I-I don’t want to go in front of you.” Her voice was so soft he almost thought he was imagining her words.

“For someone in your position you certainly are demanding. Now take care of your business or get back in.” By now they were both soaked.

With an agitated sigh, she said, “The rope at my ankles…I can’t do anything. It’s too confining.”

They should have been back on the road by now. As much as he hated to admit t, he guessed it would be a bit difficult to go with her ankles stuck together. Reluctantly, he removed the rope. “Any more demands?”


“Don’t push it, princess,” he growled.

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