Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love is like the economy

Why is love so difficult? Do we place too many expectations on one another? Do we blame our partner for our failure and wrong doings? Anyone who goes into a relationship expecting their partner to be the same person they are at that moment come three months later--well, let's just say, they will be highly disappointed. We step into love with renowned energy, excitement, joy over the newness of it all. But then something happens. The first argument occurs.

Here is where we need to pay close attention to how our 'new' partner handles the disagreement. This is the first view into who they really are. Do they blame you for all of the mistakes? Not good. A person who is incapable of seeing their fault will have a difficult time changing. Do they storm off, calling it quits, every time there is conflict? Bad. We can't be with a quiter. When a person gives up so often how can we ever rely on them? Do they scream? Yikes. For obvious reasons that is scary.

There is no perfect argument. But if your partner is willing and able to see your side, as well as their own, this is a good trait.

But until that first argument comes along, do you really know your partner?

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