Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flaws anyone?

As a writer I love throwing in unexpected curve balls or twists that surprise the hell out of my readers. I don't want perfect characters, because life isn't perfect. I like to push the flaws right up to that invisible line of "you've gone too far." I enjoy writing true life situations with a bit of flair.

My characters are never perfect. In fact, sometimes they're downright impossible. Physically, they're flawed. Emotionally, they're wounded. And their bank accounts are not always oozing with cash. What I love in my characters is not the ability to be perfect, but instead the capability to be the best that they can be. Life is challenging. Unfortunately, people carry baggage. There needs to be a perfect balance between difficulty and success, and I believe that's what my readers want.

In the first book I contracted with Lyrical Press, Double Dare,   my hero was wounded in war. He had the physical and mental scars, and although brave and hard-ass that he was, he had to realize he was using his wounds to keep himself safe from getting hurt. Through each chapter Jag lowered his defenses. Second Chance Cowboy, another Lyrical Press eBook, is a story filled with raw emotion and defective relationship material. The story was based on loss and tragedy, and because of this my characters were deeply wouned. Not only did they recover from their sadness, but they found that the love they'd once shared was still in their hearts.

Maybe the next book I write will have a perfect main character--therefore, that will be the flaw.


  1. Good to know the ordinary Joe can rise and be a hero.

    Too many times in our lives we see mundane when we should be seeing steadfast, loyal, principled, kind as positives.

    Thanks for taking those and elevating them to where they need to be seen as desirable.

    1. Thank you Paula. I hope that what readers find in my books is that love is blind. Beauty comes from the soul. I don't want any of my characters to fall for another's outer beauty, but instead fall for their wealth of kindness and deep morals and values. Thank you again.