Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What sex and Facebook have in common

I was listening to the radio and the topic of the morning was, "When a person posts a pic on FB and someone "likes" it, the attention is comparable to sex."

My first thought was, "A lot of people are having bad sex."

As I pondered it closer, I guess the entire reason why we posts pics is for others to see. Some people like the attention a little more than others. I'm just not sold on how this could have the same benefits as intimacy.

Are we, as a society, spending too much time and thought on FB? After all, who'd rather stalk friends on FB than leave the house? One can't buy the type of entertainment you can get for free on social networks. With the economy being as tight as it is, this is a huge appeal for FB surfers.

I can't judge, and I'm not. I have an FB account and don't realize how much I love it until the network is down and I can't log in. I have over 500 pics posted ranging from those dreadful self-clicks to good times with the fam. I think I even have some party shots thrown in there. What's terribly frustrating for me is that my sweetheart could care less about FB. He logs in maybe once a month !!! And when he does log in, he only sees a sliver of posts. So, if I post a comment telling him how much I love him he'll never see it.

Okay...pulling this subject back on track...

Here's a thought: If it's true that someone "liking" one's pic is the same adrenaline rush as sex, maybe one should put less effort at the keyboard and more effort in the bedroom? But what do I know? I'm not complaining...  

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