Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life lessons

Clarity--such an awesome word. Clarity as in expression. Clarity is a funny thing. Things are always clearer after it's too late to change the event.

I've had moments where my judgement has failed. Let me say, I wish clarity had been on my side a few times in the past. Nothing ever is as clear as when we've failed.

I am standing at the beginning of many paths unsettling me with many decisions. Do I or don't I? Which path is the right one? Do I rely on instinct or do I follow my heart?

There are things we must lose in order to gain. Sometimes we must endure pain to feel again. Things must spin out of control to be appreciated when they smooth out.

Imagine if we had chosen a different path. Is it possible to wonder what we could/would have experienced? Would it have been a better journey, or far worse?

Clarity, it's not always on out side or available at our whim. And when some things are clear, we wish they weren't. Being left in the dark is often a comfort.

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