Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trampvire...Does she exist?

I am sinking my teeth into something new...a Vampire romance. Since this is my first in this subgenre I did a little research on vampires. I think you'll agree with me, the theory of vampires have come a long way. It now seems we have a love/hate relationship with the walking dead.

The term vampire is related to "the walking dead." The legend of vampires is clouded in mystery. When we think of a prehistoric-Vampire we may conjure up images of sharp teeth and ghoul-like dead feeding upon unsuspecting human blood. Once upon a time the image of a vampire was portrayed as a corpse walking around with blood dripping from red lips. With popular movies fantasizing the image, what may pop into our heads now at the mention of a vampire is a sexy, beautiful creature with deep sensual eyes that can promise immortality--for the trade of one's blood.

As a society, our culture clings to the idea of vampires. Their legend has dribbled down from history to history, culture to culture. Variations changing, of course. What the connection is, or so it seems, vampires represent the fear of death and the desire for ever after life. Whatever one's take is on the myth, we've all heard tales. I'm sure we're all curious. As I write my tale of Vampire love, I hope I can bring a new twist, a new flare to an historical subject.

Does that make m a believer...hmm, stay tuned to find out.

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