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Click your heels three times while saying "Cowboy. Cowboy.Cowboy." Did you land in Wizard of Cowboys? No? Hmm...Too bad.

I can help!!!

Click this button and grab yourself a cowboy...
Second Chance Cowboy (Book 1 of Second Chance Series) available 12/02/2013. Stop over and take a sneak peek.
Book 1
Book 2

I love writing men who get their hands dirty, and Chance Taylor definitely is dirty, in many ways. What's not to love about a cowboy? From hat pulled low over his gaze, to steely jaw, along ripples of toned flesh, past lean hips, long legs to the tips of worn boots. I'm not sure about you, but when I see a sexy cowboy riding a horse I wonder if he has skills in other areas of riding? Come know you do too. 

Chance still loves his ex-wife, but she hates him (passionately). So what should he do when she stumbles down a flight of stairs, hits her head and believes she's still Mrs. Chance Taylor? Should he tell her the truth and break her heart? Or, should he stay quiet and take this opportunity as a second chance? A cowboy has never been put in more of a risky situation. 

Excerpt: Second Chance Cowboy
A warning shot off like the crack of a gun inside her head. Chance equaled uncontrollable, raw desire. She fought the reckless screaming inside her mind that urged her to pluck what was there for the taking. She searched her emotions for the downsides to Chance’s love.
His masculinity was her weakness. She wanted to fall into his arms and allow his powerful energy to consume. Being with Chance came with a price and she wasn’t willing to pay. He wanted her to move on, to forget their painful past, but Carly owned her heartache. She desperately wanted to hold on to it. It was much easier to harbor guilt than face the truth.
“Look, Chance,” she started and stopped. She scrambled for the right words. “We made—no, I made a mistake in calling you last night. If I hadn’t called you then this—” She glanced at his irresistible form again. Bad idea. “This wouldn’t have happened.”
Chance smoothed his hand over his disheveled hair. He showed no sign that her words reached or moved him. His attention dropped to the sheet clasped to her body and her mouth went dry. A tingly sensation swirled her nipples. She didn’t need a mirror to know they peaked like pearls.
His tongue slipped out and moistened his bottom lip as his sugary gaze glided over her in a visual caress. He held his jade stare at the apex of her thighs and she resisted the urge to squirm. His look of confidence and command triggered naughty thoughts inside her.
The phone on the bedside table rang and Carly jerked. The shrill ring was a cold dousing to her desire. She knew she should answer it. Her mind commanded her to, but her feet wouldn’t move. She stood statue-still, her breathing loud in her ears.
The sound stopped. She told herself it was the time for closure; destroy any remaining connection between them.
“I drank a little wine, maybe more than I needed, and I felt a bit lonely. I only meant to call you and....” She raked her fingers through her tangled hair. “I don’t know why I needed to talk to you.” She sighed. Where was the self-confident Carly? “I allowed you to come over but it wasn’t an invitation into my bed.”
Chance propped a shoulder against the sleek black headboard and pinned her with his intense gaze. Carly squirmed under his penetrating stare. Butterfly wings tickled the inside of her stomach.
“Don’t freak out, Carly. We’re married. Married people have sex.”
Her gut clenched. His calm words and the casual disposition of his body trickled enjoyment. He seemed so nonchalant about the situation, and it made her furious. It always did. This was his mode of operation. He was calm, cool, collected, even in a position where some level of anxiety was courteous.

“Not two people separated for two years. And especially not when divorce papers were filed. You signed the papers, remember? The divorce is final this morning.”

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