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30 days of Summer Multi-Author Event

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Title – Second Song Cowboy Series – Second Chance Author – Rhonda Lee Carver Word/Page count – 53,000 Buy linkAMAZON

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April Swift and Dante Brooke were a couple as teenagers. They’d spent a summer falling in love, exploring one another, connecting stars…until April took off to follow her dreams as a country music singer.

Fifteen years later…

Dante shows up at April’s dressing room and she is lost in sky-blue eyes, again. A hello between old friends turns into a passionate reunion and both discover feelings they’d left behind. But April has a music career, and Dante has a ranch to run.

Two months later…

Home is where the heart is, but April doubted she’d find the welcoming committee on the doorstep, especially after she informed Dante that she was pregnant.

Dante has a reputation as a bad-boy. He wouldn’t deny the truth. He’d lived on the edge most of his life, but when he hears he’s going to be a daddy, his priorities flip-flop. He’d never stopped loving April and his only goal is to win her heart for a second time. However, his charming smile and sweet talk don’t work like they did before. Now, he’ll have to prove himself. Can he become the cowboy April, and his baby, needs?

When things start to spiral out of control, April realizes she must make a decision—to follow love or her career.



He scrubbed his jaw. “Yeah, I’ve heard that before from you. Who am I to argue when you have your mind made up about me?” He needed to get away. “Be grateful that you’ll never have to see me again. You can live in your materialistic world, alone, just as you like it. I see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The very thing you disliked about your parents you’re now the example.” He heard the whizzing and ducked as the boot struck the wall. He turned toward her, narrowing his gaze. “What the hell was that for?” Her chest lifted and fell with each breath as her frown creased the corners of her mouth. “You’re a real jerk, Dante.” “And you don’t like the facts.” He shrugged and opened the door. “This certainly has been the best rodeo I’ve ever ridden.” Laughing as he walked across the threshold, he gave her one last glance over his shoulder. “Good bye, Dante.” He clicked the door closed. By the time he’d made it to the elevator, his humor had fizzled and displeasure filled his gut. He wanted to wash away any emotions and guilt for leaving things with April on a sour note. Yet, he couldn’t change the things he had no control over. The door slid open, and with one final glance down the long hall, he stepped into the cubicle. They belonged in different worlds. She was heading to some stage to entertain fans and he was going back home to help his brothers on the Brooke Creek Ranch. He considered this a fork in the road, a chance to move on and forget. He needed to store last night in with the rest of the filed memories of April Rayne. History. Who was he kidding? It wasn’t that easy. No doubt, he’d remember last night for years to come, just as he recalled every second that he’d spent with her at nineteen. He rubbed his tired eyes. He pitied the poor bastard she got with next. A smile crept back over his mouth. Dante had set the bar high. She’d cried his name, clawed his back and had one big O after another. Bringing his hand to his face, he got a whiff of her scent. A stirring happened behind his zipper as the void in his heart deepened. So, she did get the final jab after all.

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AUTHOR BIO At an early age, Rhonda fell in love with romance novels, knowing one day she’d write her own love story. Life took a short detour, but when the story ideas would no longer be contained, she decided to dive in and write. Her first rough draft was on a dirty napkin she found buried in her car. Eventually, she ran out of napkins. With baby on one hip and laptop on the other, she made a dream into reality—one word at a time.

Her specialty is men who love to get their hands dirty and women who are smart, strong and flawed. She loves writing about the everyday hero.

When Rhonda isn't crafting sizzling manuscripts, you will find her busy editing novels, blogging, juggling kids and animals (too many to name), dreaming of a beach house and keeping romance alive. Oh, and drinking lots of coffee.



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