Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Win a $5 GC and an ebook, Second Burn Cowboy

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Book 6, Second Chance Series 

Elsa Matthews learned the hard way that men are lying, cheating poison. 

Needing to get away fast, she spreads a map, closes her eyes and points—and Texas is where she’ll make a new start. 

A year later, she has everything she could want, until a fire breaks out in her bakery, Elsa’s Fluff. Lying on the floor with flames surrounding her, in sweeps a hero, carrying her to safety. Wearing cowboy hat, worn boots and a charming smile—and the bluest eyes she’d ever looked into—this cowboy throws her for a loop and shakes up everything she’s ever believed. 

Deckland Brooke’s a nice guy. He’s always done the right thing and heroism is second nature. But when he invites a homeless Elsa into his home, he’ll be responsible for proving to her that not all men are jerks—like her ex who’d destroyed her trust and played her heart. 

Cupcakes aren’t the only thing baking on Brooke Creek Ranch. One touch and taste of Elsa’s sweetness and Deckland has an endless hankering for sugar. Question is, will he need to pull his sweet tooth before it rots, or will love be the ultimate remedy? 


A sexy cowboy couldn’t make a delicious offering and expect a woman not to have wicked thoughts. Did he realize how he turned her inside out? A smart man like Deckland wasn’t oblivious to his good looks and charm, and she definitely wasn’t immune, even though she wasn’t available—at least not in the emotional way.
Tiptoeing down the hall, she had her focus on making it to the last bedroom but his open door drew her like a fly to honey. She stopped, took a small step backward and peeked through the six-inch crack.
 Holy Moly!
Her mouth went dry as her bones went weak at the reflection in the dresser mirror. He was reaching into a drawer, his shirt was missing and his pants were undone, his large belt buckle dinged with each movement.
Afraid he’d hear her heavy breathing, she laid her palm against her mouth.
Her brain warned her to scoot before she was caught staring, but curiosity, and interest, kept her still. She slipped her gaze over slick, tanned chest and coiled abs, licking her lips, wondering what he tasted like. She’d never seen broader shoulders, a wider chest, or a narrower waist on any man. Elsa followed the trail of crisp hair from his bellybutton to the open zipper. His treasure was hidden. Too bad. She’d bet he was built for pleasure.
He dropped his fingers to the shiny buckle and gave it a tug, the leather swooshed as he pulled it from the belt loops. His biceps bulged.
She’d need another shower after this peep show.
Enraptured in cowboy candy, she finally realized he’d stopped moving. Bringing her chin up, she met his gaze in the mirror.
Run! Run now!
But her feet refused to obey.
He turned on barefoot, catching her with mesmerizing pools of blue diamond. “Feel better?” One thick brow curved.
“Lick new.” Her voice sounded odd to her ears.
He chuckled. “Lick new? Sounds fascinating.”
Shit! Heat scorched its way through her veins. “Uh, I meant, like new.” If only the floor would open and swallow her whole, saving her from humiliation. Would he think she was a pervert?
His gaze dropped over the towel she clutched like a lifeline, and she swore she saw yearning. Tremors rolled through her, igniting her parched flesh like a wildfire to brush. If she didn’t go, she’d touch him, all of him, and she’d lose herself. The risk of getting hurt was far too great.

“I better go and get dressed.” She flew down the hall, rushed into the guest bedroom and slammed the door. Leaning against the wood, she could move once her heartbeat returned to an even pace and her breathing slowed. 

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