Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hot as Hell (Studs in Scrubs Book 1) 18+ ONLY!

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Maturity, career and responsibility have kept her tame for too long. Her vanilla cage is about to explode…

Sucking a lollipop straight into his life, Sam Saxour realizes candy isn’t the only thing the sexy brunette can work her way around. He can’t seem to get enough of the mysterious beauty. She writes erotic poetry with her ice-blue eyes and bad-girl moves, and has him as hot as hell.

Turning forty, Mayor Cassie Yearwood is feeling bummed. She has everything she’s ever dreamed about. A career. A family. And standing on her own two feet. Yet, she’s missing the one thing she craves. Someone who can unlock a part of her lost under layers of responsibility…and a nasty divorce. Treating herself to a week in paradise, she finds unexpected pleasure with a stud in scrubs. Who said life ended at forty? Cassie’s was just beginning…

Believing she could leave her sexcapade behind and go back to her average life in small-town-ville, she’s in for a shock when a dangerous doctor strolls into her town and blasts her safe life into oblivion. Her stud will set her vanilla existence, and body, on fire and she’s more than willing to provide the match.

Excerpt; 18+ ONLY

And then he got up, rounded the desk and bent close to her ear, enough so that she caught his sandalwood scent. "I think you're afraid of your feelings, Miss Yearwood." 

", that's not true." 

"No?" He lifted a brow. Slowly, he touched her cheek. 

Cassie gasped, watching a ghost of a smile raise both corners of his mouth as he brushed his knuckles along her jaw and down her neck, pausing at the dip in her throat. "Why are you quivering? Why are your eyes shining like diamonds?"

"It's a bit cold in here, that's all." Her voice shook. Why did she even bother? He ran his fingers to the swell of her breasts, lower to brush over one sensitive bead through the silk fabric. A jolt of electricity shocker her inner thighs and her breath stilled. She was a puppet on his string. 

"You're so soft. So fucking beautiful," he whispered. "I've missed holding you. Missed that sweet pussy. I want nothing more than to feel you squirm under me again." 

Her fingernails dug into the arms of the chair as she digested every word. Shudders of bittersweet pain took her body hostage, melting her. How could she resent him and want him all at the same time? Why did this man, one she barely knew, breed feelings in her? Was it the naughty, dangerous side that he brought out in her? He was the ultimate adrenaline rush. 

Shivering, she watched him kneel in front of her, running his hand from her bare ankle all the way up inside of her skirt to the part of her that screamed for his touch. He skimmed the backs of his knuckles along her lace-covered slit and his breath came out in a hiss. "Already wet," he groaned. 

Her thighs spread a little wider on their own. She'd lost all control of her body. Laying her head back, she closed her eyes, until she felt one finger at her chin. She opened her eyes and he was staring at her. 

"You don't get to pretend this isn't happening by closing your eyes and shutting me out. I want you to understand the desire between us, how connected we are. I want you to want me." 

"I-I..." What could she say? She'd spent years building a wall around her naughty side. 

"Why are you afraid of the reaction of your body, sweetheart? Why are you hellbent in fighting the feelings? A body like yours is meant to have freedom. Made for feelings." 

" I have responsibilities. If you haven't noticed, this is my office." She was breathless. 

"And does responsibility make you less of a woman? Make desire less? Are you willing to sacrifice your needs for your job?" His stare  burrowed into her.

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