Monday, July 17, 2017

99 cents!

Surviving an attack in a parking garage by a deranged client, Karsyn Page changed her life. 

A year later, she believes she has her life in control and would never again fall victim to any circumstance. 

Naked and lying on a massage table, a fire breaks out and Captain Nick Stone sweeps in and saves her. Tall, sexy and cocky—Nick is exactly what Karsyn doesn’t need. With internal and external scars still healing, she refuses to allow his bright blue eyes and charm melt her protective wall.

Nick is anti-relationship, but he loves a challenge. Uptight Karsyn drips ice, but cold is the last thing he feels when she’s near. Before long, fires aren’t the only thing he’s fighting. A flame of a new kind might just have him rethinking his priorities.

Can Karsyn let go of the past and trust? Can Nick chip away the wall she’s built around her heart?

“You’re full of yourself. Your flirting may work with other women, but it has no effect on me.” She did her best to keep her tone level and her expression blank—certain she’d failed miserably by his grin.
“Then what works for you?”
Biting her lower lip, she concentrated on her thoughts, not on him. “Hmm…let me see. Oh, that’s right, a man like you will never know what works for a woman like me.”
“So, you’re challenging me then?” His eyes sparkled.
The man was downright infuriating, and yet, why did her heart flutter? “How do you get that as a challenge? Take it for what it is. I’m not interested,” she huffed.
“Liar. You’re probably mad because I saw you naked and you have no clue what I look like under these clothes.” He winked, which annoyed her more.
“Do you hear yourself? Can you really be this egotistical?” He needed his head checked.
“I’d be willing to give you a peek-see if it’d wipe that frown off your face. I’m sure you have a pretty smile, but I bet it takes a day or two find it underneath that scowl.”
Gasping at his insult, all she could do was mutter, “I—I am not scowling. I’m only overwhelmed by your nerve.”
A smirk spread his lips. “Is that right?”
She’d had enough. “A man like you needs attention. Does it bother you that I have no interest whatsoever? I’m sure it must.”
“At least the ice is broken now. We’ve had our first argument. Now, how about that beer?”
 “I’m afraid alcohol will only intensify my aggravation.”
“You’re a hard nut to crack, you know?”

“My suggestion is to stop trying.” As she turned and walked away, his chuckle followed her. For the first time in her life, she couldn’t think past the tingling in her groin.

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