Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday in India

We are not chained to one locale. We are capable of spreading our wings and experiencing a new way, a new life. And that's my story of India. A new life.

Sitting in the back of the cab I stared out of the window as the scenery passed by in a blur. My stomach settled. I wasn't 'alone' in the physical sense. I had a friend from India along with me. I found comfort in that. I missed my children, although I knew I had stopped growing at home. I needed to challenge myself...spook my spirit out of its hiding place. I would be here, in this strange land, for 16 days. It could either be the longest time of my life, or the shortest.

The heat was still suffocating. Air conditioning is a luxury in India. When getting a cab, you choose one with AC or without. You pay for the luxury, too. Everything comes with a price. I will learn that while I'm there.

We were on our way to the airport. The trek was long, bumpy. Dust rolled tinged with manure from the fields. The driver seemed skilled but as an American I was a bit taken back by the disregard, or lack of, driving laws. Here in my town, you don't honk unless it's an emergency or you want to piss someone off. There in India, honking is not only standard, but invited. I wonder how one would react at the loss of a horn? It'd be detrimental, I suppose.

A tourist can't help but be frightened and intrigued as they enter this country. To look over serenity, untouched beauty of mother nature that brings a mist to one's eye...only to go a mile further to see the garbage lined, narrow roads, sewage rushing like creeks through the ditches and children running barefoot...their eyes echoing a maturity that most kids would not know at such an innocent age. My heart expanded.

I looked at my friend. I was grateful I wasn't alone. I felt so small here. Guilt plagued me. I didn't appreciate the things I was blessed with. I was here for less than twenty-four hours and I had already begun to grow.


  1. I'm jealous & can't wait to hear the details of your amazing trip.

  2. Thnx, Allie. Join me every Tuesday ;)