Friday, September 28, 2012

Separation Anxiety with Characters

For the first time in 12 books, I have experienced separation anxiety. What was I attached to? The characters to my latest project--Roark's Dark Request.

Let me give you the quick 411 on Roark's Dark Request. It is the first fantasy erotica that I've written. I didn't have a clue I'd enjoy writing this genre as much as I did. In fact, I loooved writing it. Who could blame me when it is packed full of bad things like: kidnapping, torture, wolves, humans, sex, murder. Exciting, eh? It was for me. My characters are one of a kind. They are, well, downright rude to one another.  How can bad be so good?

I polished my baby and sent it off, and that's when the separation anxiety started. I missed my characters. For those who write, you will understand what I'm about to say, but for others you may think I'm just crazy. Characters become human. They live, breathe and continue in the world we have created for them. And then we must say goodbye to them as we create another world with new characters.

I found myself not sure what path, or storyline, to travel down next. My mind was preoccupied with Roark and Bronte. I always have a story waiting inside my head, and a few that have been written but are need of polishing. I just couldn't seem to inspire to move on. So, I had to force myself.

That's when I rummaged through some other projects I'd written and decided to take on one that had been a challenge from day, or word, 1. I started editing and immediately I realized that taking a break from Second Ride Cowboy (A sequel to Second Chance Cowboy) was the best thing to do. I also realized  why I love Duke and Lila. They are similar to Roark and Bronte, but in a different location. Duke and Lila are amazing characters. They are tough, witty and damaged. Yes, I did mean to say damaged. If you know my writing style then you have to realize by now that my characters have flaws. Duke is not only emotionally damaged, but he's physically scarred too. I can't give away the details on how he got this way, but just a hint, "You'll need a firefighter's suit when you start reading this story."

In the meantime, I'm seeing a few more fantasy eroticas in the future. I gotta write what I love. I hope you'll check out my work.
Dreaming IvyDouble DareSecond Chance CowboyDelaney's SunriseCastle's Fortress

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