Thursday, April 8, 2021

#FiveSentenceFriday 18+ Snippet

18+ only!! :)

Here's a (unedited) snippet of my newest WIP...Cowboy Luke.

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What she wanted was to tell him how much she missed his penis. Before him she would have thought it crazy to miss a man’s appendage. She’d enjoyed having it in her mouth, her body, knowing he was so receptive to her touch. That was a drug, and adrenaline rush, to bring a powerful man to his brink.
Jady understood the carnal need, but could she protect herself against the deeper feeling that had needled its way in the center of her chest. Not only was he sexy as fuck, but he could only be described as smart, strong, funny, and entertaining. Mostly, she could say without a doubt that he wasn’t anything like Branch. Not. One. Iota. He was an asshole. Mug was not. Branch had not only screwed around and betrayed her, he’d thought the world owed him something. Mug had an altruistic attitude and she respected that.


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