Thursday, April 22, 2021


Hi, all! First, let's talk about weather. I live in Ohio and we're known for Mother Nature not being able to make up her mind 'round here, but I woke up yesterday to three inches of snow, everything covered in white and cold as an ice queen's dreams. Brrr. However, as you can see by the picture below, it was pretty. One silver lining, right?

I've been working on my second book in the The Brothers of Dove Grey Series. I truly love these characters. I hope you'll love them to. Have you read the first book, All Cowboy and Charm? That was one of my favorite books to write. These characters seem to write themselves. If you haven't grabbed it yet, please do. It's in a box set with some amazing, rocking-a$$ authors who love cowboys as much as I do.

So...for this week's five-sentence-friday, I'm giving you an unedited snippet from Book 2, All Cowboy and Rough Rider.

Finally, he shifted in his worn boots and said, “Evenin’, Annika.”
She felt the intensity of his gaze across the three feet of space.
“Hi, Cross.” She returned his narrowed gaze, not allowing the quivering in her spine to seep into her muscles. Although she wasn’t in town to impress anyone, especially a Dawson, she most assuredly didn’t care what Cross or his family thought of her. However, she could have kicked herself for her disarray. Karma played a trick on her. This had to be a stroke of bad luck, payback for some evil she’d done in the world. She looked like a bag lady with her T-shirt that fit her like a potato sack, yoga pants with holes in the knees, and her hair…she couldn’t remember if she’d even brushed it today. She’d climbed out of bed, thrown it into a messy topknot and started working on the house. “What are you doing here?”

Have you seen the cover for All Cowboy and Charm?


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