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A few years ago, on my birthday (and yes, I’d had a couple of drinks) I was looking outside into the dark sky and saw a blinking, stationary light. The longer I stared, the stranger it became. Then, ever so slowly, the orb-like image drifted until fading into the night. To this day, I’m not sure…
Do you believe in aliens? I watched a movie, Dark Skies, and it was pretty convincing that there could other life in the universe other than the human race. I’m a writer so I have an open, creative mind and I’ve thought up a lot stranger things than aliens. With that said, whether you believe or not, I bet we’ve all wondered a few times. Strange lights in the sky…shadows down a darkened hall…mysterious bites on our body non-related to spiders or kinky sex…a partner who suddenly wakes up acting ridiculous…
Exactly how many people believe in aliens? More than a third of America believes. That’s a lot considering that’s about (if my calculations are correct) 80 million people.  79% of the population believes the government is hiding facts about aliens.
If an alien knocked on your door, what would you do? Would you grab a gun and shoot? I’m no expert but I bet an alien would be protected by some invisible wall. What if the creature wanted to take you aboard the spaceship and run tests on you, but promise to bring you back when they’ve found everything they need to know? If an alien penetrated my thoughts I could imagine it would be quite flabbergasted. I wonder if aliens even understand what sex is.
So…do you believe or not?

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Copyright 2013, Rhonda Lee Carver
All rights reserved, Lyrical Press, Inc.
Looking down at the woman who stood glaring at him, he wasn’t sure what to think. She looked like she could pop a vein. Her lips were pinched and her steely green glower nailed him with the intensity of a gun. Shuffling through his brain, back and forth, up and down, he tried figuring out whether he knew her. Nope, he’d remember if he’d ever met her. A woman like her, with her long, dark hair, pretty green eyes, and petite curvy body, would be unforgettable–even if she seemed a bit loony. Maybe she’d tipped the bottle a little too much that evening. He could understand that, although he hadn’t been drunk in years. “Did you say ‘talk’?” he asked.
“You’re lucky I don’t scream.” She crossed her arms over her chest.
Without a doubt, this woman was crazy. He didn’t need drama. He’d had enough over the last few months. Instinct told him he needed to cool off the situation before it got out of hand.
The strange woman’s face grew redder with each passing second. Did she mean him bodily harm? Not that he feared a five-foot, one hundred-pound woman, but he did wonder. In fact, he found it somewhat entertaining, although he didn’t dare laugh. Hell, he guessed she’d flip her lid and he didn’t want any part of that. “Can we please cut the drama? Can you just tell me what I’ve done, or said?”
Pointing her finger at him, she said through tight lips, “You’re unbelievable.”
“Okay.” Now he was totally lost.
“Are you going to stand there and pretend that you don’t know me? What type of man are you? And you call yourself a soldier? I have a few words I can think of to describe you. You might think this is amusing, but I assure you there is nothing about this situation that you’ll find worthy of a smile.”
Closing his wallet, he pushed the leather trifold back into the side pocket of his ABU pants. He sighed in growing irritation. If he found out his men had put this woman up to this as a joke, he’d kick their asses. “Look, lady–”
“Lady? Lady?” She all but screeched the word.
“Okay, sorry.” What piece of information was missing here?
Her mouth fell open. Her eyes teared up. Would she cry?
His heart sank. He could think of nothing worse than a woman in tears. Somehow he knew this wasn’t going to be a winning situation. Instinct told him he had just taken a front seat on a roller coaster of horror.
“You slept with me. Remember? Jasmine Sinclaire? Do you understand? Apparently it’s true. Men think with their parts…” Her attention dropped to his zipper and then back up. “Not their brains.” Her jaw cocked. She looked like she would puke or release a pent-up demon. He didn’t want any part of either one.
Confusion growing thicker, he leaned back against the sink, crossed his legs at the ankles and tucked his arms across his chest. If she wanted to play a game, he’d go along with it, at least for a short while. “Jasmine…” Nice name. “That’s a flower, right?”
“A flower and a name…my name,” she snapped.
“A beautiful flower,” he murmured. Some of the tension released from her jaw and he got a better look at her. She was beautiful, no doubt. And because he felt a manly twitch in a lower part of his anatomy, he decided to roll with the conversation a bit longer.


  1. I want to believe that we can't be the only ones out here.

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  16. I do believe, I mean if we are in this universe there is bound to be others right? As for knocking on my door. I am not sure what I would do. If they were nice like E.T. then I might be okay with it.


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  18. Thanks for being a part of the blog hop! To answer your question, yes I do believe and to quote from a a movie I like Contact - "It would be an awful waste of space if there weren't" (maybe paraphrasing a little) Happy Birthday Ella!

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  27. I loved the excerpt. I can't wait to find out where that particular conversation goes...

    And to answer your alien question: I believe it would be pretty arrogant to think we were the only higher life form in a space system so very expansive.

    Thanks for sharing and best wishes to Ella.

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