Monday, August 26, 2013

Killing your babies...I'm talking writing

I've had hit a road block of a lifetime and I'm not getting any sympathy. The wee one is running around yelling, "It's a box. It's a box. It's a box!Mom!Mom!Mom!" until I finally acknowledge that yes, it's a box.  The middle one is having a minor crisis...girl stuff. Yes, I realize girls can be catty. I've lived long enough to understand cattiness very well. My laptop is beeping at me to plug it in. It never fails that the moment I sit down and get comfy I've got to jump back up. Oh...and there goes the dryer chime. Laundry day...grrr.

Okay, I'm sure you're thinking that I should get on with it...

Here it is, I am writing Book 2 of my Wicked Wolves series. I'm about 4000 words in and if I have to "kill my baby" I can because I've  done a lot worse in the past. I've nixed in excess of 20,000 words, not once but a few times. Starting again isn't always a bad thing. A blank canvas is like a new, brighter day. I could continue on, write, write, write and worry about the nonsense later. I've written enough NaNoWriMo that this can work. I've published two books from the chaotic, unedited, shitty work...of course when I submitted them they were polished, and if I say so myself, great stories.

Let me tell you about Book 1...Wicked Pleasures. It's about a wolf and his determination to break a 100 year old spell that has left his family living as humans, unable to shift into wolves. One woman played a role in the demise of his pack, and she died many, many years ago; however, her blood runs through a descendant and she is the only one who can help him break the curse.

The fact is, writing isn't always fun. Writers spend a lot of time working hard, polishing, researching and second guessing. There have been times I've spent 12 uninterrupted hours of writing only to accomplish a mere 1000 words. Something this tedious isn't meant to be fun; however, it's very satisfying and the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Writing makes life funner. It makes life bearable.

I'm diving in. I'm feeling inspired.

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