Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Lovin' Blog Hop

Welcome to the Summer Lovin' Blog Hop. 
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Summer Body means Smooth Body

Most people prepare months ahead to get their body ready for summer. We work out more, we tan, we change our hair to a lighter color...and most importantly, we get rid of any excess hair, especially "down there." There's nothing worse than sporting an itty, bitty, sexy bikini and oops! you have unsightly thick hair sticking out everywhere. 

Grooming pubes becomes personal choice. There are options to meet everyone's wants and needs...

1. The Brazilian was introduced in New York City in 1987 by, you guessed it, Brazilian women and has grown in popularity. This method differs from a normal wax job because everything from A to B is removed. This trend has started other fashions, like "vajazzling." Jewels in the nether regions--I'm talking karats not gonads.

2. "The Landing Strip"  is for those who like a little bit of hair and a thin, trimmed strip remains. 

3. Hairstyles, yes, I did say hairstyles.  Grooming is known as landscaping (for women) and manscaping (for men). And yes, for those who like living on the edge, you can change the design. 

Here are some that I found at

Any of those float your boat?

Do women expect men to manscape? I'd say the answer is yes. Pubes hold in odor, which is never a good thing. Also, something to take into consideration, a thinned out bush makes things look bigger. And that is always a good thing. There are no social standards to grooming, and although I don't think anyone's going to turn away intimacy because the size of the bush, I do believe those who keep it tidy appreciate the same grooming on their partner.

What do you prefer?

Here's one man who is groomed. Duke McGraw.


Riding is nice. But riding with a partner is much more fun…

Duke McGraw learned the hard way that life can change in the blink of an eye. Waking up from a coma, he wants nothing more than to ride back into his life—but nothing is the same, not even Lila Sinclair. With pride the size of Texas, Duke builds a wall of anger. Bent, not broken, he climbs back into the saddle to see where the rocky trail leads him. 

Lila loves Duke—always had, always will—but the wounds of tragedy run deeper than physical. Confused by Duke’s emotional barriers, Lila is at the end of her rope but refuses to lose hope. Tough and determined, Lila’s out to lasso her cowboy. But will her nurturing heart be broken again? A man like Duke comes with risks. When playing with fire someone is bound to get scorched. 

Some flames never die, and Duke and Lila’s connection is hotter than hell. Temperatures rise on the ranch and horses aren’t the only thing being ridden. When the future is at stake, choices must be made. Beyond the scars and tragedy, will love rise again or will the second chance be the last?

In one swift move, he lifted her until her legs were wrapped around his hips. He took two steps to the bed and lowered her, keeping their bodies entwined. He laid down on top of her.
He lifted his head and looked down into her bright eyes. “Tell me to stop, and I will.” His words came out on a long breath.
The tip of her tongue swept out and moistened her bottom lip. “Stop now and I shall burn and disintegrate,” she whispered.
Lifting himself up on his knees, he unfastened her shorts and removed them from her body, her pink panties followed. The air left his lungs in bittersweet yearning. “Damn, you’re so beautiful.” He ran his palm along the slight curve of her stomach and downward, running his fingers across the apex of her thighs. Vanilla entwined with the scent of sweet pussy enveloped his senses. His cock grew and he thought he’d burst.
She must have read his thoughts. She unzipped his jeans and pushed them off his hips, freeing his cock that stood full and erect. He helped by sliding them further down his legs and gave them a toss. Her fingers wrapped around him, pumping and milking, as her hips churned in invitation. Urgency washed over him. It’d been long, too long, and he searched for control. Managing his breathing and burying his face into her chest, he counted ten. When the tightness eased some, he buried his finger knuckle deep inside her silken opening. “You’re fucking hot.”
“I want you, Duke!”
“Are you taking something, baby?” he asked against her cheek. “Protection?”
“Yes,” she whispered.
Removing his finger, he pressed the head of his cock against her lips and her tight muscles wrapped around him. He slid deeper as she swirled her pussy in a rhythmic motion, her fingers gripped his shoulders as he plunged into her. His balls tingled. Her body tensed and her breathing turned ragged. Her nails sank into his back and it drove him over the edge. One last jerky motion and he released.


  1. i do prefer brazilian's myself and i also like men who aren't overly hairy...JUST enuff on their chest and groin and thats IT

    1. I'm right there with you. I don't mind a little bit up top and a little on bottom, but no more than that :) Thx for stopping by.

  2. I like clean men too. And my mouth is hanging open. Going on my TBR! Thank you! heather1974 at gmail dot com

    1. Enjoy and good luck! Thx for stopping by.

  3. Personally, I like the Brazilian for me, but for my guy...I love some hair on top and some on the bottom. Nothing like Chewbacca or anything, but I like my man to look like a man.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. lol...yeah, Chewbacca doesn't do it for me ;0) Thx for stopping by.

  4. Okay, this is by far the funniest topic I've found on this tour - and I LOVE to laugh! The cartoons had me in tears!!!

    Thanks for making my day brighter :)

    D.B. Sieders

    1. And that made my day. Thank you so much. Thx for stopping by.

  5. LMAO!!! Especially at the hairsyling toon!
    Thanks for being part of the hop! I am finding so many awesome books!!!


    1. Thx for stopping by. I hope to see you back ;)

  6. Great post, Rhonda! Thanks for taking part in the hop.

    1. Thx, Samantha. I'm glad I could be a part of the blog.

  7. Well that was an educational and entertaining post. Thanks for participating in the hop.


  8. The winner's name was chosen....