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Lovestruck Giveaway Hop


Giveaway Hop Hosted by Under the Covers, runs August 14 – August 20
Love-struck: (adjective) having a passionate or overwhelming feeling of love; smitten
Is there a book or a series that you have read which has left you completely smitten? A hero/heroine that makes other heroes/heroines pale in comparison to the feelings you have for your “true” love? Are you left feeling dissatisfied because there is just nothing else that can compare?

Leave a comment and enter to win one eBook copy of Second Ride Cowboy. Good luck and best wishes.

Love is such a splendid thing, but if I say that I don't believe in love at first sight, would you think less of me as a writer of romance? What I do believe in is lust at first sight. This isn't a bad thing because the lust factor is what attracts us to one another. Without that initial WOWZA factor we wouldn't be drawn to them. What comes after lust? Yup, you got it...love. But before we can reach that point, I think we've gotta know a person. Do they leave their clothes on the floor for days? Do they burp in public? Do they have a bush the size of a forest? I'm joking...at least a tad. We wouldn't break it off with someone because they don't shave their pubes, right? Hmm...I've heard lack of grooming is a deal breaker for some.

Everyone has flaws, right? When I'm talking "flaws" I'm not talking the do-it-and-we're-done rules...1. cheating 2. acting like a POS.  I'm referring to the forgivable flaws. My characters all have flaws, physical and emotional, some more than others. 

So, I thought I'd put a few of my heroes in the hot seat. I'm going to have a chat with each of them and ask what they believe is their best and worst quality.

First up is...

Second Ride Cowboy. 

Hero: Duke McGraw. A rancher who is known for his commitment issues. Has been in an off and on again relationship with Lila. Recently, he woke up from an 18 month coma. What's a man to do when everything has changed?
Me: Hi, Duke.

Duke: Hello there. *sexy Texan drawl*

Me: Can you tell me what you consider your biggest flaw?

Duke: *scratching his chin* Ain't every man entitled to a few flaws? I've been called a stubborn ass a few times, but I'm not an emotionless dick. 

Me: Uhh...maybe a tad bit commitment phobic?

Duke: *one brow pops up* I guess you'd know. A man can change with the right woman. Even I'm capable of change.

Me: What would you consider your greatest asset?

Duke: *chuckles* Well, darlin', the saddle ain't the only place I ride like a pro.

Next up... Friends With Benefits
Sebastian Matthews has qualities most women love in a man...he bakes, he plays guitar, he is handsome and he makes a great best friend. Always a friend and never a lover...but he hopes to change that.

Me: Sebastian, you seem a little uncomfortable.
Sebastian: Slightly. I don't like being in the hot seat.
Me: I'll make this easy for you.
Sebastian: *relaxing* Okay, I'm all ears.
Me: Do you have any personality flaws?
Sebastian: *laughing* The list is long. You want only one?
Me: Yes.
Sebastian: I'm too good a friend.
Me: You consider that a flaw? Some would say that's an asset.
Sebastian: Not when it's hard to prove you can be more than just a friend.
Me: I hear you. I already know your best asset. Those cinnamon rolls you make that are the best this side of the country. Care to share the secret?
Sebastian: *grinning* Love, sweetheart. I put love into every bite.

Shawn Conner is rough, tough and a military hero. Problem is, he has a secret, one that could change his future for the good or bad. 

Me: You're sweaty, Shawn. Did I catch you at a bad time?
Shawn: I just finished working on one of the girls.
Me: Girls?
Shawn: *winking* An old plane sitting in the hangar.
Me: Oh. Can I ask a quick question?
Shawn: Sure
Me: Not that I can see many flaws, but do you have any character flaws?
Shawn: Is this a trick question? *laughing*
Me: No tricks.
Shawn: I'm not big on communication. A man like me doesn't have to communicate with a plane. When it comes to women I'm afraid I'm a bit rusty.
Me: I hear you can fix any engine. So, you're good with your hands?
Shawn: I haven't gotten any complaints yet.

Excerpt for With Honor:

“I think you’re lost, sweetheart.”
With a deep breath, she turned to face him. Caught by the clearest, bluest eyes she’d ever seen, she went wobbly in the knees. Somehow she didn’t remember them being so blue, almost jewel-like. There were a lot of things she didn’t recall. He was taller than she’d thought, at least a head taller than her.
Staring was about all that she could do. He remained silent. His eyes lit up, as if he found this humorous. Wasn’t he the least bit bothered that she’d cornered him in the bathroom? She cursed the fact that he seemed calm while her insides quivered. Her heart beat fast and hard against her ribs. Every nerve ending came alive. Her life was about to change, again.
Back straight, she hoped she caught him with her best stern look. “No, I’m not lost,” she said.
His face went blank.
Time seemed to stand still, until finally he gave a nonchalant shrug. He turned to the urinal, unzipped his pants and continued with his business, all while she kept her eyes on his broad back. Disbelief and anger shimmied up her spine. How dare he!
Finished, he turned and crossed the small distance to the sink. Arrogantly, he kept his gaze on her while he washed his hands. “Well, help yourself then.” He nodded toward the white basin. “It might be a tad uncomfy though, with those heels.” One corner of his mouth lifted in wry humor.
“I didn’t come in here to use the bathroom, thank you. I like your wit, though. Too bad I’m not interested in playing games.”
The area between his brows wrinkled. “Then what? Since I can’t entertain you with my games, what can I do for you?”
She slid her fists to her hips and cocked her chin to the right. “What do you mean by that?” Did he think this was funny?
Finishing washing his hands, he flicked off the excess water and grabbed for a paper towel, still keeping his ice-blue gaze securely on her. And then, to send her irritation through the roof, he started laughing and nodding his head. “Okay, okay. I get it. Did the guys put you up to this? How much did they pay you to come in here?” He tossed the used paper into the wastebasket and then closed the area between them. “What’d they ask you to do? Seduce me? Is this a gift or a joke?” His eyes slowly slithered down her body. “At least they have good taste.”
Reaching into his pocket, he produced a wallet and opened it.
She watched in horror.
“I’ll pay you double.”
Her gasp echoed off the ceramic walls.
Shrugging, he said, “Or triple, but that’s as high as I will go. Even a hot woman like you isn’t worth more than that, when all I plan to do is send you back where you came from with a goodbye and sincere good luck.”
“How dare you! I came in here to talk to you.” Her palm ached to slap him senseless. He deserved it. Anger boiled her blood. Her teeth clenched until she heard a gritting noise warning she’d break a tooth if she didn’t relax.
* * * *
Looking down at the woman who stood glaring at him, he wasn’t sure what to think. She looked like she could pop a vein. Her lips were pinched and her steely green glower nailed him with the intensity of a gun. Shuffling through his brain, back and forth, up and down, he tried figuring out whether he knew her. Nope, he’d remember if he’d ever met her. A woman like her, with her long, dark hair, pretty green eyes, and petite curvy body, would be unforgettable–even if she seemed a bit loony. Maybe she’d tipped the bottle a little too much that evening. He could understand that, although he hadn’t been drunk in years. Once he’d hit his thirties he’d had no use for getting drunk. “Did you say ‘talk’?” he asked.
“You’re lucky I don’t scream.” She crossed her arms over her chest.
Without a doubt, this woman was crazy. He didn’t need drama. He’d had enough over the last few months. Instinct told him he needed to cool off the situation before it got out of hand.
The strange woman’s face grew redder with each passing second. Did she mean him bodily harm? Not that he feared a five-foot, one hundred-pound woman, but he did wonder. In fact, he found it somewhat entertaining, although he didn’t dare laugh. Hell, he guessed she’d flip her lid and he didn’t want any part of that. “Can we please cut the drama? Can you just tell me what I’ve done, or said?”
Pointing her finger into the middle of his chest, she said through tight lips, “You’re unbelievable.”
“Okay.” Now he was totally lost.
“Are you going to stand there and pretend that you don’t know me? What type of man are you? And you call yourself a soldier? I have a few words I can think of to describe you. You might think this is amusing, but I assure you there is nothing about this situation that you’ll find worthy of a smile.”
Closing his wallet, he pushed the leather trifold back into the side pocket of his ABU pants. He sighed in growing irritation. If he found out his men had put this woman up to this as a joke, he’d kick their asses. “Look, lady–”
“Lady? Lady?” She all but screeched the word.
“Okay, sorry.” What piece of information was missing here?
Her mouth fell open. Her eyes teared up. Would she cry?
His heart sank. He could think of nothing worse than a woman in tears. Somehow he knew this wasn’t going to be a winning situation. Instinct told him he had just taken a front seat on a roller coaster of horror.
“You slept with me. Remember? Jasmine Sinclaire? Do you understand? Apparently it’s true. Men think with their parts…” Her attention dropped to his zipper and then back up. “Not their brains.” Her jaw cocked. She looked like she would puke or release a pent-up demon. He didn’t want any part of either one.
Confusion growing thicker, he leaned back against the sink, crossed his legs at the ankles and tucked his arms across his chest. “Jasmine…” Nice name. “That’s a flower, right?”
“A flower and a name…my name,” she snapped.
“A beautiful flower,” he murmured. Some of the tension released from her jaw and he got a better look at her. She was beautiful, no doubt. And because he felt a manly twitch in a lower part of his anatomy, he decided to roll with the conversation a bit longer. It’d been a while since he’d been with a woman. He’d only been back from Iraq for a short time and the opportunity for sex hadn’t presented itself. He’d been busy and not exactly in the right mind. If he’d had to choose between watching a pretty woman or listening to his buddies talk about cars, women and proving who had the biggest cajones, he’d choose the former each and every time without hesitation, even if that particular woman had lost her mind.
“I’m at a little bit of a disadvantage here, Jasmine. I believe you’ve mistaken me for someone else.” He felt sorry for the poor soul she looked for, because the man would have rip marks from head to toe after this woman finished with him. He’d like to be witness to that. A man getting his balls busted was always entertaining as long as it wasn’t his jewels in a sling.
“Sergeant Conner, right? Stationed here at Lackland, thirty-nine years old, served in Iraq and Afghanistan? A fighter pilot for the Air Force. Mother Jean, father Jarold.”
Had she just read his obituary? The woman did mean him harm.
How’d she know all that? Yeah, he had to admit, those stats caught him off guard. But then he realized that information was public record. Anyone with half a brain could look up those details. “Sorry, but those aren’t deep secrets.” He shrugged, ready to call it a finale.
“You grew up in Ohio, on a farm, where you used to skinny dip in a fishing pond. When you were ten, a group of girls caught you buck naked, and I’m sure a little embarrassed. Considering it was chilly coming out of the water, and we know what cold does to certain sensitive parts, you were nicknamed Tiny.” Her gaze dropped with precision to his zipper before nailing him again. “After that, you swam only if you had shorts. And then people wondered if the name Tiny held any truth.” She laughed.
Sadly, he knew the story…but it wasn’t his story.


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