Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Author Spotlight--Christi Williams

Welcome Christi Williams

Title: Take a Chance on Love
Series: First in the Hawk Point Romance
Genre: Sensual Contemporary Romance
Author: Christi Williams
Release date: April 15, 2013
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid Books

Excerpt from Take a Chance on Love:

“I see stars when you touch me.  Do you know that? I don’t care about the future! Right at this moment, I only care about now. Do I need to beg, Micah? I will. I have no pride left when it comes to you.”
“That’s not it, baby. You know that’s not it.” He was at the point where he wondered if this state of suspension, weeks involving only foreplay or nothing at all, hadn’t become a kind of exquisite torture to see which of them would break first.
“Have you had this particular problem with other women?” she demanded, sitting up and swiping tears from her cheeks as if she didn’t want him to know she was crying.
“You’re well aware I don’t have a physical problem, Chancie. I’m killing myself to hold back, only because of you. Because you’re so damned important to me. I don’t want to make a mistake.”
She twisted to stare at him. “Bullshit,” she spat. “This is not just about me anymore. You’re afraid.”
“You make it sound like there’s something wrong with being afraid.” Suddenly he had the urge to put his clothes on.  He lowered his hands from behind his head and sat up beside her. It didn’t feel right to be arguing with her while lying down naked, although he couldn’t have explained exactly why those circumstances made him so uncomfortable.
“You do have a problem, Micah.  And it’s called trust. You need to trust me, and trust that we’ll be stronger together than we are separately. It’s starting to look like I’m going to be changing my whole life in the next few months. I’m not scared to admit I’m afraid. But I’m going to do it anyway, because things can’t go on like they are.”
“The difference is you’re not changing your whole life just because of me.”
The sudden silence in the room was like a thunderclap. The look on her face when he said that, as if he’d slapped her, was almost his undoing. He wanted to take it back, kiss her and make it better, lay her back on the bed and make the world and all its problems go away for at least a little while. 
But he didn’t. He pulled the sheet up over himself, and watched her get out of his bed and throw her clothes on, while he said and did nothing to stop her.

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