Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Strange Fetishes

It's amazing what a person will fantasize to get a sexual arousal. Comment and enter to win a free e-book copy of my newest release, Wicked Pleasures (Book 1 of Wicked Wolves Series).


Like insects? Well, someone with this fetish enjoys having insects crawl all over their body, especially in the southern regions.

If you have a person living in your home who has this fetish, I recommend hiding the stuffed animals. This person has an attraction to stuffed animals, and will use them during masturbation.

Uhh...not only would I NOT be attracted to this person, but I'd fear for my safety. This person get sexually aroused by imagining their body, or someone else's body, being eaten. This is "fantasy" only, but I'm afraid to even speculate...

This could range from sexual arousal from inflatable toys to bouncy houses...Yes, I believe we've heard it all folks. 


Hint: Used panties. Need I say more?

Erotic lactation

Has a man ever wondered what a woman's breast milk tastes like? Probably so, but these men crave it while having sex.


Most people would run from the threat of an enema, but these folk find pleasure in it.

After reading these fetishes, you'll see that a human and a wolf mating isn't as strange as you first thought.

Wicked Pleasures, now available for everyone's viewing pleasure.

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He’s her captor, but the passion he ignites within her is beyond anything she’s ever imagined…

When Bronte Sheridan is kidnapped and taken to an isolated house in the Colorado woods, she is determined to free herself from the wolf, Roark, who claims he is protecting her. As the story unfolds, Bronte is stunned to learn there is truth to his story. And even more shocked to discover the explosive sexual chemistry between them.

Roark needs Bronte for more than sex. She holds the key to saving his family. But what happens when she discovers the true nature of the evil spell that has loomed over the pack for a century? Human and wolf aren’t meant to mix, but the hot sex factor is off-the-charts. Can either of them walk away from the magnetism, and history, that draws them together? Can Bronte ever truly love a half-wolf?


“Screw you.” Her lips trembled.
He stared down at her, the pain in his groin forgotten as the warmth of their bodies pressed together stirred other sensations. His sore cock twitched and attempted to rise. He almost found it embarrassing that she had that much control over his nether region.  
With each rapid breath she took, her firm breasts pushed against his chest, sending waves of longing through him. Her long hair was scattered across the floor and tendrils rested on her face. He blew the wisps away. He wouldn’t have been more stunned if someone had punched him in the stomach. Her eyes…they were an amazing deep green, just as he’d dreamt night after night. They reminded him of cat eyes, two glimmering mirrors that could see through a person and into their soul.
Taking a deep breath, he refused to let her shake him—not in his heart, his mind, or anywhere else. He had a slip up in his barrier, but he’d make sure he kept his walls up.
“Who are you and what do you want with me?”  Her voice was low and hoarse, her eyes narrowed.
Once he was certain that his voice worked, he said, “You should know, but your memory fails you.”
Confusion took the place of annoyance in her expression. “I’ve never met you. Tell me why I’m here? Why did those men bring me?” she said in between filling her lungs with air.
Bitter veracity rose in his chest.  “How sweet it must be to live each day without knowledge of the pain you’ve caused. And yet, I’m responsible for watching over you.”
“I have no clue what you’re saying. You must have the wrong person. Now let me go!” Mist appeared in her eyes.
“Not only do I have the right person, but it’s time for you to correct what you wronged.”
“You’re insane. You are out of touch with reality.” Her lips clenched.
“Insanity would be a welcome break from this life of torment,” he said.
“Do you want money? I don’t have a lot,” she said.
“Money is useless to me. You will give me a child.”
Her eyes widened and her mouth parted. “Are you crazy? You’d better let me go. My fiancĂ© will have the entire city looking for me.” Her words came out in spurts. “If you don’t let me go, you’re going to regret it. I promise you.”
“Unfortunately, your fiancĂ© isn’t expecting you. I’m sure he thinks you’re on a flight to paradise.”
“How did you know?” she asked.
“It’s taken months to see this through.” He shifted his hips to release the strain in his cock. The zipper in his pants didn’t stretch far enough.
“You…you jackass!” She tried pulling her hands away from his hold. “You can’t keep me against my will. How dare you!” 
His nostrils filled with her scent. “Stop fighting. We’re not strangers.”
“I’ve never seen you before in my life. You’re a lunatic!”
“But I know you.” He smiled. “You can refuse me all you want, sweetheart, but until you deliver me what I request, no one will see you again. The sooner you understand those words, the better for the both of us. I’m only heartless if the need arises.”
Her eyes glistened like emeralds. He thought she’d cry but she didn’t—he guessed she had too much pride. “I’d rather die than give in to whatever you’re asking,” she spat. Determination cocked her chin.  “You and your hooligans can go to hell!”
“Well—” Roark slid the tips of his finger along her jaw line and down the smooth curve of her throat. He stopped at her collarbone and splayed his palm over her chest. “—your wish came true long ago.” A tear slid from the corners of her eyes and moistened her pale skin.
“You’ll have to kill me,” she whispered.
“Too bad I need you alive.”
“Then go ahead! Do what you need to do. I’m not afraid of you!”
She lied—he knew she was frightened. He could smell her fear and it burned the back of his throat. He loosened his hold but remained on top of her. Why couldn’t this be easy? “Can we do this a way that’s constructive?  I’m telling you that you’ll be here for a while. Believe it or not, it’s by your spiteful hand that you’re here now. You could even say that I’m saving your life.”
“If it’s by my hand that I’m here, then I choose to leave.”
“Not a possibility, at least not until you give birth.”
“And that’s not a possibility,” she said through clenched teeth. “I’m not even pregnant!”

“First things first.” He lowered his gaze and saw that her hand was bleeding worse. “You’re soiling my expensive rug.” 


  1. OMG!!! I didnt know some of these fetishes existed! Some of them are just plain creepy!!

  2. WOW! I have read some strange things about fetishes, but never those.
    I think everyone has some type of fetish just not that strange.
    I like your excerpt, it sounds like a yummy book.

  3. Before I'd researched fetishes, I had no clue that these existed. I'm sure there are lots more. Thx for stopping by.

  4. I had heard of a couple of the fetishes, but the insect one...EEEWWWWW!!!
    Thanks for giving us an excerpt to read after the definitions. I needed it to clense my brain. LOL! It looks like an interesting read, and I look forward to it.

    1. Jenny, you are the winner of an ebook copy of Wicked Pleasures. Please contact me with your email address so that I can send it to yoou. Thx :)

    2. OMG...I forgot to check back. If it's still an option, I am a willing reader. If not, I totally understand - it's all my fault. :)

  5. Thx Jenny. Trust me, there are no strange fetishes in the book. Glad you stopped by.