Friday, September 13, 2013

Sexy Excerpt

I woke up this morning feeling as if I'd been run over by a train. It's easy to know when a writer is truly sick--they can't write. Yup, that was me earlier. I forced myself to sit up straight in bed and clicked on the internet, thinking I needed to force some social network and coffee into my system. I ended up getting a whole list of promo done. I stop, and the headache returns. So keeping this short, I'm giving you an excerpt of my latest release, Wicked Pleasures. If you're into erotic paranormal...well, all I can say is...hang on to your seats.

He’s her captor, but the passion he ignites within her is beyond anything she’s ever imagined…

When Bronte Sheridan is kidnapped and taken to an isolated house in the Colorado woods, she is determined to free herself from the wolf, Roark, who claims he is protecting her. As the story unfolds, Bronte is stunned to learn there is truth to his story. And even more shocked to discover the explosive sexual chemistry between them.

Roark needs Bronte for more than sex. She holds the key to saving his family. But what happens when she discovers the true nature of the evil spell that has loomed over the pack for a century? Human and wolf aren’t meant to mix, but the hot sex factor is off-the-charts. Can either of them walk away from the magnetism, and history, that draws them together? Can Bronte ever truly love a half-wolf?

Disappointment twisted its way through his chest. A lot rested on this strange woman sitting before him. He realized she had no clue of her power, and proving it to her would take time. His heritage couldn’t stop with him and he’d do almost anything to prevent that from happening. Others counted on him as their leader and letting them down wasn’t an option, even if that meant he’d suffer the consequences.
The silence became overbearing and he growled in irritation.
“I’ll remove the mask,” he whispered and waited for a response, but nothing came.
He moved in and slowly lifted the cover from her head as if he opened the door to a panther’s cage. A large mass of black curls rolled onto her shoulders and down her back. Her face lowered and the hair blanketed her features.  His fingers itched to touch the length and he started to reach to satisfy his need but caught himself. He moaned deep in his throat as he forced the desire away and replaced it with anger, which numbed any other feeling.  He’d gotten used to putting up walls of fury.
Frustration spiraled through him like barbed wire.  “Lift your head, woman.”
Nothing. He didn’t have the time for this. He grabbed her chin and lifted. 
She clamped her teeth down on his thumb and he jerked his arm back, causing her to release her grip. He looked down at the teeth marks and the blood oozing from his skin. “Good try, but I’ve been bitten harder by a flea.” He laughed. At least he’d gotten a reaction from her.
Caught up in the moment, he hadn’t expected her next move. She brought her knee up and planted it into his crotch. Humor fled as he fell to his knees, a sickening pain flooded him and bile rose into his throat. He coughed and sputtered as his vision blurred. “Why does every woman have to go for the balls?” he said through tight lips. He heard rustling and looked up as the woman darted from the chair.  “Fuck!”
Pushing past the throbbing ache between his legs, he reached out and grabbed her ankle, sending her falling face first onto the thick rug. While he had her foot trapped in his grasp, she brought the other up and kicked him hard on the chin. He heard something snap in his jaw but it was nothing compared to the misery he felt in his balls.
Grabbing the other leg, he held her as she squirmed like a fish on land.  “We can do this all night,” he said. “Do you really believe you can get away?”
“Let me go!” She continued to struggle against his grip.
Shaking his head, he waited until she finally quit moving, and then loosened his grip on both of her legs. “One thing I know, as feisty as you are, I’m much stronger, but I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Leave me alone!” Her scream resonated off the walls and pounded through his skull. She jerked and whipped around, attempting to free herself from him again. Her fist came up and connected with his nose and he squinted. He felt wetness and wiped his face across his shoulder, seeing a trace of crimson.
“That’s enough blood for one night!” He crawled on top of her, pinning her under his two- hundred-twenty pound frame, securing her wrists high above her head while his body constricted her movement. She still thrashed underneath him although it was unproductive. “Give up,” he whispered next to her ear.
“Screw you.” Her lips trembled.
He stared down at her, the pain in his groin forgotten as the warmth of their bodies pressed together stirred other sensations. His sore cock twitched and attempted to rise. He almost found it embarrassing that she had that much control over his nether region.  
With each rapid breath she took, her firm breasts pushed against his chest, sending waves of longing through him. Her long hair was scattered across the floor and tendrils rested on her face. He blew the wisps away. He wouldn’t have been more stunned if someone had punched him in the stomach. Her eyes…they were an amazing deep green, just as he’d dreamt night after night. They reminded him of cat eyes, two glimmering mirrors that could see through a person and into their soul.
Taking a deep breath, he refused to let her shake him—not in his heart, his mind, or anywhere else. He had a slip up in his barrier, but he’d make sure he kept his walls up.
“Who are you and what do you want with me?”  Her voice was low and hoarse, her eyes narrowed.
Once he was certain that his voice worked, he said, “You should know, but your memory fails you.”
Confusion took the place of annoyance in her expression. “I’ve never met you. Tell me why I’m here? Why did those men bring me?” she said in between filling her lungs with air.
Bitter veracity rose in his chest.  “How sweet it must be to live each day without knowledge of the pain you’ve caused. And yet, I’m responsible for watching over you.”
“I have no clue what you’re saying. You must have the wrong person. Now let me go!” Mist appeared in her eyes.
“Not only do I have the right person, but it’s time for you to correct what you wronged.”
“You’re insane. You are out of touch with reality.” Her lips clenched.
“Insanity would be a welcome break from this life of torment,” he said.
“Do you want money? I don’t have a lot,” she said.
“Money is useless to me. You will give me a child.”
Her eyes widened and her mouth parted. “Are you crazy? You’d better let me go. My fiancĂ© will have the entire city looking for me.” Her words came out in spurts. “If you don’t let me go, you’re going to regret it. I promise you.”
“Unfortunately, your fiancĂ© isn’t expecting you. I’m sure he thinks you’re on a flight to paradise.”
“How did you know?” she asked.
“It’s taken months to see this through.” He shifted his hips to release the strain in his cock. The zipper in his pants didn’t stretch far enough.
“You…you jackass!” She tried pulling her hands away from his hold. “You can’t keep me against my will. How dare you!” 
His nostrils filled with her scent. “Stop fighting. We’re not strangers.”
“I’ve never seen you before in my life. You’re a lunatic!”
“But I know you.” He smiled. “You can refuse me all you want, sweetheart, but until you deliver me what I request, no one will see you again. The sooner you understand those words, the better for the both of us. I’m only heartless if the need arises.”
Her eyes glistened like emeralds. He thought she’d cry but she didn’t—he guessed she had too much pride. “I’d rather die than give in to whatever you’re asking,” she spat. Determination cocked her chin.  “You and your hooligans can go to hell!”

“Well—” Roark slid the tips of his finger along her jaw line and down the smooth curve of her throat. He stopped at her collarbone and splayed his palm over her chest. “—your wish came true long ago.” A tear slid from the corners of her eyes and moistened her pale skin. 

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