Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wicked Pleasures--Cover Reveal

Wicked Pleasures--Book 1 of Wicked Wolves Series. 

Available Soon!!!

One hundred years ago, a curse was placed on Roark and his wolf family. For the spell to be broken, he must find the woman who holds the key in helping him save his family from demise.

Bronte's plans of vacation are thwarted when she is kidnapped and wakes up at Roark's house. He has one request...that she must have his baby. Believing he's a lunatic, she fights him, but odd visions begin to unravel a story that leave her wanting more than her freedom.

Roark has one focus and that is to set right what he'd made wrong long ago.  Time is ticking and death looms. Enemies want nothing more than to take Roark's place as leader, and he faces decisions that may hurt those he loves. As his body grows weaker, one thing grows stronger--his connection with Bronte. His heart and mind are at war...and as the truth is revealed, he realizes he has no control over the power of love.

Can they break the spell before it's too late? Will a child be born between Bronte and Roark, giving the wolf pack a second chance?

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