Friday, May 11, 2012

Confessions of a Romance Writer...

I have a confession to make. Writing romance novels isn't always what you think it is. I know you must believe that romance writers are sexy sirens with high libidos ready to try out our "skills" on the next poor soul that we sniff out. Nope, not even close. In fact, I felt anything but a sexy siren this last week. In between tenperature taking, medicine giving to a sick wee one, I sped through a chapter full of lust and misbehaving characters, who didn't get to make love because, well, I didn't feel like I was up for it. Yup, I made my characters walk the line this last week. However, what I did get was an amazing idea for an awesome ending.

You see, I've been struggling with this military romance for some time now. As I would accomplish one story detail, I'd lose the hankering for another.  In fact, this is a rewrite. I know you may be thinking, "Put the damn thing away and try something else" but nope, the characters had me hooked. It started out at 60,000 words and during this second time around, I cut a third of the book. I have been grappling with the ending--back and forth. I've been lost between several ideas. Plus, and I can't give away any secrets, this is a tricky sucker of a book. And now I think, by golly, I have a rocking ending, at least I believe so.

So what I'm saying is, I'm working my ass off to bring you, my readers, something that'll make you go 'Wow!!" And if there are some screamers out there, screaming is welcome too. Until my baby takes shape into a final mansuscript, please read some of my other eBooks. Each one has a part of me buried within the words. And keep the emails coming!!! Your words of encouragement make my writing world turn.

Best wishes to all of you ;)

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