Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stephanie Beck

I am excited to have Stephanie Beck blogging with me today. She is a great writer and her creativity is out of this world.

Walking Characters by Stephanie Beck

Smut Interrupted needed a cowboy. Unfortunately, we don’t have a whole lot of those in my home state of Minnesota. Lots of farmers, lots of gardeners, but while cows are a familiar sight in pastures around the state, their horse riding wranglers, sadly, are missing.

As I pondered my lack of cowboys problem, I went about my daily life. Lucky me, I happened upon some Texans in the grocery store. Now, I know not all Texans are cowboys and not all cowboys are Texans, but these old boys—late 40’s—had what I’d been having a hard time putting into words: they had swagger.

They were at the store with who I presume were their wives. Both women were super short and all those ladies needed to do was point to the higher shelves and away those boys would go, always with a smile on their face. Once I saw one pause at fruit snacks, get a box and toss it in the cart. His wife must have given him a look because he gave her a quick kiss and ambled on. She smiled and shook her head (yes, I saw these things from my cart where I hid behind my three kids—the little stinkers caught me while distracted and I ended up spending an extra 20 bucks on treats!)

By now, if you haven’t notice, I’m a bit of a character stalker. By the time I finished with my shopping I had a better handle on what qualities I needed beside hat and boots.

Cowboys by nature, are nurturers. They might be dusty and cuss, but think about it. They are shepherds to animals. I decided my character needed to have that nurturing instinct. A lot of times that instinct comes out in protectiveness. I gave Andy a protective streak that makes me smile. He’s got the swagger, but he uses it for good, just like the grocery store cowboys.

It always makes me curious to know which characteristics stand out to people. For me, the grocery store cowboys’ nurturing stood out, but I’m sure someone else would have noticed something else. (they had hella cool belt buckles too).  I can’t wait to grocery shop again. Who knows who I’ll see?

All the best,

Stephanie Beck

Smut Interrupted by Stephanie Beck

Anna and Andy are at a sex addict class against their wills. Seeing each other after years apart opens up all kinds of sexy fun doors. Class attendance is mandatory, but making the most of their breaks is a perk neither expected.

Sneaky Smut Preview!


“My name is Andy Bowmen and I’m not a sex addict. I just made the unfortunate mistake of hooking up with one of my sister’s friends and then dumping her ass. She told my sister about my sexual preferences, who told her husband—who happens to be my boss. He signed me up for this goddamn class, with an ultimatum of being fired if I didn’t attend.”

Andy settled his black cowboy hat on the metal chair beside him and looked straight at her, his familiar expression sending shots of lust to her groin. “And you, miss? Is your name as pretty as your face?”

“Now, now.” The moderator, an older gentleman who’d introduced himself as Doctor Anderson shook his head. “This is a serious problem. If you’re here under pressure from your family, it means they saw an issue needing thoughtful consideration. This is also a neutral zone. No directing sexual innuendo or terms toward your fellow participants. Miss, would you like to introduce yourself?”

She still didn’t want to, but with Andy looking at her with his eyebrow cocked, she didn’t see a choice. “My name is Anna. I’m here because I made the mistake of giving my stepmother a key to my house. She used it while I was working, found a small, tasteful stash of smut, and threatened to have a sex addict intervention with my father and mee-maw if I didn’t attend this class.”

“Smut?” Andy asked.

She licked her lips, remembering the last time she’d had them wrapped around his penis. “A few magazines and a toy. She blew things out of proportion, and now I’m here to make sure she doesn’t tell my mee-maw. That’s all.”


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