Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pizza and Romance...huh??

When asked to define romance, candlelight, wine, champagne, a full  moon, long walks, longer kisses, are a few things that come to mind. However, not everyone agrees. For instance, I think sharing a pizza can be just as romantic as taking a long walk on the beach. Sure, I'd like to eat a pizza while sharing intelligent conversation and continue it while taking a long walk while holding hands. Amazingly though, I don't need candlelight and the moon for passion to spark. One of the sexiest moments I remember was connecting eyes with my lover from across the room. No words were needed. In that minute of time we shared romance. I saw love in his eyes.

Romance is scary for a lot of folks...sorry men but I'm mostly talking about you. Men can be afraid of failure when it comes to sweeping a woman off her feet. I can't say I blame men for this fear. I can only speak for myself, but at about the age of 13 I started having romantic notions of what love meant. I knew I wanted my partner to open the door for me, hold the umbrella over my head in the rain, sneak up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist and nuzzle my neck, start my car on cold mornings...and these are just a few of my thoughts on love. Yes, men, love is a two way street. I know you want your ego boosted. Women realize this. I believe a relationship is a give and take party. Like the saying, "Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." For the doubters, this is a true statement. Is there any denying it? The more you give, the more you'll receive. The most important thing is, never allow anyone to believe that you have no expectations.

Leave love notes for your partner to find. Bring her a single rose, not for any reason but just because. While she's standing at the sink, kiss the back of her neck. And if candles are her thing, or his thing, light one up tonight. Have a love affair with your partner. One never knows what fun they can have until they try.


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