Monday, March 17, 2014

Hot Box Monday--To shave or not to shave?!?

It's Monday again. I'd rather have slept late, but I was up with daylight. After getting the kidlets off to school, I had laundry to do. Yay me! However, my mind is always on my writing. I've been pondering a question. Not a biggie at all, but just one of those things that needle your mind. In my latest WIP, Double Dare, I gave the heroine "springy curls" down south. I wrote it, stopped, and then reread it several times. Sure, I don't have to mention whether she's bare, groomed, bushed or whatever, but mentioning the landscaping just seemed, well, right. I actually rewrote this part several times, going back and forth between bare and hair. I understand there's a trend--bare is in. I also realize I don't like trends. But when it comes to hair "there" I tend to sway on the side of bare.

Shaving pubes isn't anything new. It traces back...way Egyptians and Greeks. However, the amount of hair a woman shaves has increased.

Who grooms and who doesn't? Does it have anything to do with age? I remember reading once that women 50 and younger trim or go bare. 50+ like the natural look.

I think the movies give us the idea that everyone is heading to the wax shop and leaving with a Brazilian or "Hollywoood Wax" nowadays. Yeah, right. Spreading my legs wide and having some stranger apply sticky torture to my delicate places...uhh...hell no. I say, "Razor please."

Now, I'm off to write. To give hair or not? That is the question...

And if you want to know which I chose, you'll have to read Double Dare. Releasing very soon.

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