Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wicked Wednesday: Do men wash their hands?

I can't be the only one who wonders if a man washes his hands when he goes to the bathroom. I remember when my friends and I would go out for a girl's night and we'd watch men go into the restroom, making bets on whether he would wash his hands or not. There was never any positive way of knowing if he had or not, but there were signs. No bar ever had towels or dryers (or maybe it was just the bars we attended. After all, we were poor people in college) so if a man came out with wet jeans, on the thighs or backside, we knew he'd washed. No signs of wet spots meant he'd skipped washing. Another sign, if he came out rubbing or shaking his hands, he probably at least rinsed.

Why is this important? Think about many germs can one person have on their hands at one given time? The answer is...150 different species of bacteria. Eck!

So, let's think about this. A man is sitting with you, both of you are chatting, having a drink, maybe the mind is slipping to what will happen between the sheets later. He excuses himself and heads into the public restroom. He unzips, unloads, touches, shakes, loads and zips. Then he starts for the sink, his mind reeling...should he wash...should he not wash...what shall he do? I've read that between 50-90% of people don't wash their hands after they use the restroom, so I'm going to guess ol' loverboy will pass the sink. Fifteen minutes later, you and loverboy are in the bedroom, going at each other, ripping and breaking seams. His hands are all over you, and we can only imagine how many others' germs are on you now. And then, where will his hands go next? Down south? In your mouth? Maybe the question is, where will your mouth go? The same place where he'd touched a while ago in the bathroom?

Have I made you sick yet?

This is why I say with great pride, "My heroes all wash their hands. Sometimes twice."

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