Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is this my love life?

Choose your craving...

A. Climbing into fresh sheets

B. Reading a book

C. Intimacy

D. Skydiving

Take the letter you chose and find the description. Does this describe your lovemaking?

A. Working hard, you like to relax, and there's nothing better than climbing into a bed with fresh sheets. Be careful though, seeing your bed as a place of comfy may lessen your chances of getting lucky between the sheets. If you must, try new, exciting places outside of the bedroom to add a bit of spice.

B. You love to read. I'm guessing you enjoy diving into a world of fantasy. Depending on what genre you read, it says a lot about who you are. If erotica is your guilty pleasure, you could be searching for excitement. You like spice, but might be apprehensive in taking the initiative with that special someone. Take baby steps in bringing spice into real life. Suspense and thriller? You love an adrenaline rush but like keeping it safe.

C.  Sensuality is your craving. Kisses, hand holding, cuddling...all of the fuzzy, ooey-gooey things lovers do. Problem is, when all of the intimacy is happening outside of the bedroom, sometimes it gets a little boring inside. Are you someone who wants, on occasion, for your partner to rip off your clothes, throw you up against the wall (no one getting hurt please) and he becomes a Tarzan to your Jane? Suggestion: Read B. Dive into an erotic novel then ask yourself what you'd like to try and make the initiative.

D. You are all about an adrenaline rush. You like to experience life, jumping out of planes, climbing the highest mountains...there is no taking the backseat for an adrenaline junkie. This is wonderful, except, people who are all about the excitement may sometimes forget to slow down and tap into sensuality. Love isn't always about the high. It's about the connection, too.

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