Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wicked Wednesday


This word scares me as much as promoting.

I've made a huge effort lately to get organized. Juggling a writing career, freelance editing and kids, my planner doesn't work like it used to. On top of all this, I have three stories at once swarming inside of my head. I'm always wondering, "Which do I write first?"

I've learned, like I'm sure you have, that social networking is a killer to creativity. Facebook--good as a marketing tool, not good for accomplishing a word count. Sometimes I wonder why I even open FB before I'm finished with my goal for the day.

Once upon a time I would edit my work as I wrote. Mistake. It slows creativity. I now vomit out words and worry about polishing later. Maybe this doesn't work for every writer, but I like going back over and filling in all of the cracks, voids and holes within a story. After all, I enjoy freelance editing for this very reason. I love the polishing stage.

Each day I make a list of what I must do. I also find measuring importance is critical. For instance, if my goal is to write 5,000 words, write a blog, and wash the dishes...what I'll do is get the dishes out of the way because once I sit down at the laptop I'll be there for a long time. I get my word count in. The blog I'll write later. My evenings are family time.

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