Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One night do or not to do

In this day and age, one night stands are common. Here's a thought though, what if a one night stands leads to an accidental pregnancy? Don't get ahead of your self--NOOOOO, I am not pregnant (and no, I didn't have a one-night stand). Why do I wonder you ask? Well, I wrote a novel here recently named With Honor. I've already contracted the work with Lyrical Press. The storyline consists of a one night stand that led to--you guessed it--pregnancy. It happens...and some of you know by personal experience.

Some may call it a nightmare, and others a blessing. You had one night with a stranger and conceived. I won't get into the nitty gritty of whether you decide to keep the baby or not, that's a whole other story. Just the basic question is, "Do you have an obligation to tell the father?" This was a dilemma for my heroine in With Honor.

There are two aspects to this question: A legal obligation versus a moral obligation.  Ethically, you probably should tell the father. Legally, it's not required. Remember, I'm not talking whether you decide to keep it or not, or even adoption...that's where the law gets sticky.

I can tell you my heroine Jasmine did tell the baby's father. What I can't let you in on is the twists an turns in this contemporary military romance. You'll have to wait until it releases in 2013. One hint we ever really know who a person is in bed until we get to know them outside of the bedroom?

Next time you want to get your groove on, keep in mind that acccidents do happen. Are you prepared?

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