Monday, August 20, 2012

Sex and Whipped Topping

Maybe your sex life is perfect and there isn't anything you could do better or different to make things spicier. Do I hear laughter? Who is that laughing? Probably many of you. Most of us understand the value in doing something better or spicing up things with your lover. Let's face it, sometimes intimacy can fade when you're weighed with work, kids and other stressors. However, you can change things and be glad you did.

First things first, if you're a little shy...that's okay. You may have to take baby steps into opening up to your lover and trying new things. But what's important is changing your mind set. So start things off with a new positive, sexier attitude. You'd be surprised how our mind controls how we feel. If you need a little motivation, buy yourself a luxurious bra and panties. There is something sexy in knowing you're wearing lace and satin underneath your clothes. Ready for the fireworks to begin?Tell your man, or send him a text or write a note, that you want him BAD and watch how quickly things heat up.

Now for the fun stuff. Here are ten days of suggestions on getting things hotter in the bedroom.

Day 1: Sleep naked. There is something very sensual about having your naked body against cool, soft sheets. And who knows what will pop up during the night. More than just snoring, I'm sure.

Day 2: Walk around in a sexy bra and panties. Have no fear about the parts of your body you don't like. He won't see anything but what he wants to do with you next.

Day 3: Send your partner a naughty text. It can be as dirty as you wish. After all, he'll be the only one seeing it. By the time he gets home he will be on fire and you'll feel power knowing he has thought about you all day.

Day 4: S-L-O-W down. Sure, quicklies can be exciting, but today take the time to touch him everywhere. Gentle touching can be erotic and it allows partners to reconnect. It makes one feel special to have someone paying them such sweet attention.

Day 5: It's football season. So, why not have him become your biggest fan when you steal a jersey from his closet and wear it with nothing else. His mind will be on the ball for sure.

Day 6: Take a shower together. For an even more intimate experience, light candles and play in-the-mood music. If your lucky your man will wash your hair and your body. Don't forget to wash his too, without a washcloth.

Day 7: Get vocal (when the kids aren't home). Allow yourself to let loose. Seriously, go for it. Pretend you're trying out for the cheer team. Let him know what feels good and what you need most. Men like to hear what turns a woman on. Try it and see for yourself.

Day 8: Watch a dirty movie. For some couples, this can add a perfect amount of spice. For others, it's not up your alley and that's ok. But think of it this way, he will probably only watch about 30 seconds of the show because he will be hot for you.

Day 9: Go out to dinner and wear a skirt. Give your man a peep of long legs, and maybe a shot or two of you wearing no panties. If you're brave, take your panties off during dinner and toss them into his lap. Need I explain how he'll respond?

Day 10: Have a quickie in an unusual place. If you're not so sure about random sex outside of the house, then think of a place inside the house that would make for a pleasurable quickie. Have you ever tried up against a wall? On the floor? On the stairs? On the washer? Use your imagination...

Remember, enjoying your partner in the bedroom, and feeling comfortable with your needs, will make life happier everywhere. What happens behind closed doors, or some other secret location, is between the two of you. Enjoy each other.

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