Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dawne Prochilo

I'd like to welcome Dawne Prochilo. She is my guest blogger today.

My PhotoYes, I am an erotic author. Yes, I write adult themed sex related articles for men's website. Yes, I review (after utilizing) adult toys. Yes, I have a weekly radio segment where I humorously discuss relationships and sex with the morning DJ's.

Yes I hang out on facebook to market my books, make friends with fellow authors and, hopefully, making life-long friends. What I'm not there for is to have strange men proposition me for sexual dirty talk, send naked pictures of myself or help the guy relief pressure that he claims his wife can't do for him.

Conversation recently held on facebook chat before I realized I was visible to my “friends”.

Him: Hello
Me: Hi
Him: You're hot
Me: What am I on fire?
Him: You're sexy
            (Now I ask can he tell that? All he sees is my profile picture. Sexy is more personal than just a picture. It's an attitude, a personality and more. For all he knew that picture wasn't even of me.)
Me: How do you know that?
Him: I can see.
Me: Really? Where?
Him: Your picture
Me: That's not me. I'm really 300 pounds and a man. I just use that picture to attract a**holes like you.


Seriously now people, I am not on facebook to get picked up, to pick up others or to have a one-night stand. Just because I write sex scenes, sex advice and talk about sex does NOT under any circumstances men I want to share that part of my life with every idiot on facebook.

Heed my warning- you start chatting with me or sending me private messages with sexual content I will un-friend you and leave you in my dust.
Enough said- be my facebook friend but leave the sex to your wife who probably doesn't even know what you're doing. Maybe next time before I un-friend the pervert, I'll go to his profile, click on his wife's facebook page and send her a copy of the conversation. Yeah, that works for me.

Dawne Prochilo is an erotic romance author, freelance writer and mother of three. She's sarcastic, a real blonde and will fight to the death if anyone messes with her Mountain Dew or hazelnut coffee.

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  1. Quoted on facebook from one of Rhonda's friends "Todd Bandrowsky Interesting.. she's such a girl though.. sex is the big and personal thing and even though she talks about it she's not the kind to fool around. It almost makes me wonder just how up to scratch her erotic fiction can be. Like, hell, for my weird tales unit stories, I'll sleep around and romance around, just get a story out of it. The pillow talk is so key, and every woman is so different, and it makes the protaganist so much more believable. Why make it up, when the research is soooo good"
    Yes, Todd I write about sex BUT I am not seeking sex from unknown men. I am comfortable with my sexuality enough to be able to talk about it and NOT sleep around. Sex is sex, making love to the one you love is what I;m about.

  2. I completely agree! It's sad that you have to put up with that type of person. And from his comment, he sounds like more talk than anything else. Just one more idiot to block.

  3. We have imaginations big enough to write new encounters between characters. Our characters speak into our ears, so we don't need research to learn pillow talk. If we need it, we can always roleplay with another author, which I have done for trickier dialogue scenes.

    just because we're erotica or erotic romance writers doesn't mean we want preyed upon. If you're a plumber, will you come fix my toilet? It's running.

  4. Hey, Todd, do the women you're sleeping with know you're using them for research and intend to put what they say and do with you in a book for the world to read? Whatever happened to chivalry?

    I'm a writer of sensuous romance books. Writers have imagination. If I was writing what I'm doing then I'd be writing non-fiction. Fiction is the key word here. Your "put up or shut up" challenge to her writing shows first, you haven't read her excellent writing and second, you don't understand writing at all. Sounds to me like you scribble a few words on paper, declare yourself a writer, then use that to lure women into bed. Aren't you a prince?

  5. Thanks everyone and kudos to Em and Jean- love the plumber analogy...Jean, maybe his significant other would like to know of his escapades- wonder what she'd think of his research

  6. LOL at the picture comment Dawne! Well done haha
    I don't understand why people are like this; I had one this morning that got unfriended immediately for calling me a beautiful writer then making obscene gestures.
    Ugh people *shakes head*
    Kudos to you for speaking out!

  7. Ahh and here I thought I was actually gonna get to meet this famous guy! I would LOVE one day in the bed room with him for MY "research"!

    My friends, lets just say I would rock his world in ways he's never imagined and probably cure his bulls**t attitude and soooo damn obvious lousy lying skill in mere seconds.

    I would have that boy running from the room screaming for his mommy!

    Well, I do need subjects for MY research of MY erotic works so why not him? Cause you know it can't all be done by imagination alone!

    What? It's only a little BDSM for goodness sake. Emphasis on the M/s. How could he, the big hot sexy god on campus be afraid of a 5'5" Mistress in all his many manly pursuits in the name of "research" so far?

    Lemme have him for just a widdle while...please. *looks up longingly from under eyelashes*

    I promise to be good. I won't bite...much.

  8. Well said, Dawne. Just because of the genre we write doesn't mean we do literal research into the subject. Sleeping around doesn't give you the knowledge, it's the creativity of offering readers a bit of spice, possibly to add the spice into their marriage. Do the writers of superhuman books go out and fly, shoot peep with their laser guns, or use spidey web to climb a's called imagination.

  9. I'm so glad you stopped by, Dawne. It has been a pleasure.

  10. Thank you Rhonda- Let's do it again when my new book comes out

  11. Thanks for having me here today Rhonda- *hugs all around*