Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fried...but not dumb

Okay...let me just say first that the last few days have been a roller coaster of turmoil. No one should ever, and I mean EVER, say that the past doesn't influence our future or leave battle scars so deep they will never heal. Our choices, whether good or bad, do impact the present. With that on my plate, I am combating deadlines and writer's block.

My brain was fried. Not good for a writer. My creativity was lost. Still, not good for a writer. I was in tears. Hard to type through the blur. Definitely not good for a writer.

Until yesterday.

I received a present. I guess you could call it a present considering it felt like the best gift I'd received in a long time. My cover art for Delaney's Sunrise arrived. I don't care how many covers a writer is gifted with, and yes, I say gifted, it is an amazing feeling to see your characters come alive in visual art and your name attached. It was a kick in the seat of my pants that I needed. 

I attacked my work with a new attitude. It just felt good. My mind was fried...but I wasn't dumb. I am a writer. We are tough. We conquer. Nothing compares to accomplishing something wonderful. 

I'd like for you to meet Dee and Abe. Dee was engaged to Abe's brother, Jonathon, but days before the wedding, Jonathon is killed in a car accident. Burdened with the loss of his brother, and the anger that Jonathon had left his share of the family farm to Dee, he unleashes his pain on Dee. Dee flees from Delaney's Farm, swearing she'll never set foot on the farm again. However, things change. People change. Dee decided she wanted a new start and this desire leads her back to Delaney's. Is she welcomed with open arms? Not quite. Abe wants nothing more than to send Dee packing for a second time. But when a buried attraction, one they'd thought lost years ago, is uncovered they will face not only the guilt of a loved one's tragic death but a desire to satiate a need that hadn't faded in time. The mystery surrounding Jonathon's death and secrets of the past are revealed and no one is left untouched. One secret could lead to death--literally.

Delaney's Sunrise will release soon with Lyrical Press.

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  1. I don't know much about writer's block. but i know of deadlines. The past can sometimes get you, It stops you from concentrating. I been having this a lot at work lately. I cant seem to get anything done.

    its like I die every night with my memories and the next morning I am born again , Its this night of me dying that needs to pass.

    I believe its that spark of change that motivates us and keeps us moving. its time i look for a change.:)

    I think you have a lot of courage and it shows in your writing.

    so don't ever lose hope :) Someone once said courage doesn't always roar,sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying "I'll try again tomorrow"

    I love your book cover, and am glad it got you writing again :)