Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are spoiled

We are spoiled.

We meet someone, have a connection, feel love, and everything falls into place. Haha...Life isn't a fairytale.

Why do we fall into the same trap? We believe that love automatically equals forever? That each and every time a storm cloud hovers over our relationship it will come out with a rainbow. Well, we've been told "rainbows only after a storm."

Truth is, love doesn't conquer all. It needs nourishing. It needs pampering. It needs two people who understand its magic.

We have love and we become comfortable. We argue...most of the time over silly issues. We make up, and sweep the aftermath under the rug. We don't take the time to fix the broken. The rug can only hide so many issues before they become the blue elephant in the room. We expect a relationship to thrive...well...just because we love someone.

We tell ourself we want love, a relationship--the whole package. But why aren't we willing to work harder? To lower our pride? To say sorry? To admit our wrong and make it right? Why do we feel the need to hurt the one we love so much? Do we not see that love doesn't come around often? That special feeling in your gut is just that...special.

Unfortunately, when we wake up alone, and that special someone is gone, we feel like our world has crashed down around us. Suddenly their faults are not so bad. We look back wishing we'd done THIS instead of THAT. We wish we'd said sorry more times than we had. We wish we would have said I Love You with every breath. We wish we'd understood.

We're spoiled.