Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheap vs. Expensive

As I stood in the personal care aisle pondering the vast choices of razors for women, I questioned, "Do the more expensive razors work better than the package of 6 for $1.00?" I've teetered back and forth between this. I grabbed the expensive. $11.00 for a razor. Yes, that does seem rather on the expensive side but it did come with a gift...a travel size deodorant and shaving cream. This razor is the cadillac version of all razors. Easily held, movable head, and has a row of four blades. Luxury in personal least from the shelves of WalMart. I can't wait to try it.

Continuing along the aisles, there is always two or three choices of everything. And, of course, they put the most expensive brand at eye level because if you are a speedy shopper you'll make a bee line to what you see first. I'm not the thriftiest of the thrift shoppers, but I do like to leave the store feeling as if I got a bargain. Who doesn't??

There has been an ongoing battle here in my household about ketchup--cheap vs. expensive. I stick by the expensive. Other members hold steady to the cheap brand. It comes down to thickness. I like mine thick, not runny. Yogurt is another--cheap vs. expensive. I am a sucker for Dannon Greek Yogurt. Once you go Greek you don't go back. None of the others can stack up in comparison.

Now, there are products I always buy the cheap. Mac N Cheese. No, nothing compares to homemade, but if I'm in a hurry the box stuff works in a pinch. I'm not talking the blue box...I'm talking the 50 cent brand. And sour cream?!? Can't tell a bit of difference, not even in the creaminess. Canned coup and wins.

Okaaay, back to my razor. Because I like proof in quality, I plan to put this caddy-style-hair-remover to the test compared to the just-shave-and-call-it-a-day version. I look for no cuts (can't stand the sight of blood), no afterward itchiness, lasting smoothness, and easily cleaned.

And for those who think all razors are made equally--you're soooo mistaken. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I pick and choose my bargain brands. For some products, cheap works. But I gotta have my Skippy peanut butter and Best Foods mayo!

  2. We have a company here in New Zealand called Pams. They seem to have every grocery item covered and are miles cheaper than the expensive brands. 9 times out of 10, they top the list for consumer product tests for taste, quality and price, so I tend to look for these first.

    Couldn't agree with you more about Best Foods mayo Jannine - yummy!