Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Do Men Want ?!?!

When men and women argue is their brain on the same level? Hell no. Don't ever send text messages back and forth with someone you're arguing with.If all the texts actually make it to the other person, which what are the chances that thay do, the meaning behind the conversation is lost. Why? Because men and women think completely differently, especially during a heated discussion. And without the facial expressions, tone of voice and the look in a person's eye, well, it's a disaster. I wonder how many people have broken up over a "text argument." Do it right people. If you must argue, do it the old-fashioned way--face-to-face.

Now, back to the focus. Do men and women argue differently? I found a diagram from that I thought laid it out perfectly.

I'm not sure if you agree, but it's definitely pretty interesting...

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