Thursday, April 7, 2011 for the soul.

What is it about grocery stores that brings out the flirt in everyone? Why join a dating service when you have a Kroger down the street? Do you find yourself gazing across the store aisle, seeing someone and thinking "Oh" Do you stop there, walk away, satisfied with a glimpse of eye candy?

Or are you the type that catches his eye, holds his gaze for five breathtaking seconds, before pulling away. You then toss your hair over one shoulder and demurely tuck a loose strand behind your ear.

Maybe you like the thrill of the game. You dig in your purse, frantic to find something--anything--to write on. You come up empty handed. That doesn't stop a girl who knows what she wants. With a tube of lipstick, you jot down your digits on your palm and hold it up for his view. Even better, not for the faint at heart of course, you stroll over to where he is perusing the canned beef stew, take his hand, and write your number on HIS palm. With a purrrfect smile and seductive tone, you say, "I make a mean stew." Then walk away. You don't even need to look to know his tongue has dropped to his chin. If anything, you'll be remembered as the sexy woman who made a man's day--probably his month. The best scenario--he calls you, you two hit it off and he turns out to be the man of your dreams. What's the harm in trying, eh?

Fact is, if you've had your heart broken, or just had a lousy week, there is something uplifting about a flirtateous smile sent your direction or an interested look from a hottie. Sure, it may not cure the ex-boyfriend-lover-bad week-blues, but baby steps, right?

Where is your fave place to flirt?

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  1. I would flirt ANYWHERE....(except maybe church). I just don't seem to get flirted with. Discouraging, really. I wonder sometimes if I actually AM getting flirted with and I completely miss the signs. Been out of the game too long.....