Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mr. Right ?!?!

Someone told me today, "You'll find Mr. Right." Fact is, there is no Mr. Right, and no Ms. Right. If I wait for Mr. Right I should just get used to the idea of being alone. Mr. Right means a man has all of the qualities I'm looking for--bring out the party hats and balloons cause we can live happily ever after. Are you laughing yet?Even in my romance novels, a relationship takes effort and conflict exists. The rainbow is there but you have to make it through the rain first.

What makes more sense, "Mr.-worth-working-hard-to-make-it-work." Sure, not as pleasing to the tongue, but honest.

Anyone who has read my books is aware of the issues and baggage my characters carry. Whether physical flaws or personality issues or emotional damage, I like to keep it real. Expecting someone to come without "issues" is like saying you'll never argue or each day is like a pig rolling in mud.

Find the one worth working through the issues. The one who makes you laugh because the laughter will get you through. The one who makes you forget that life and love is not all flowers and good times.


  1. Amen! I call that Mr. Right for me. It's easier to say. ; )

  2. In my opinion Mr.Right is not the perfect man--yuck so boring--but the one who suits you well. The one who calls YOU his perfect woman.

  3. I think the perfect man looks at you like you're the only love he'll ever have...