Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marketing...Sex Sells

I'm a romance writer. I write erotica. Therefore, I hope, I know a thing or two about sex. And what I do know--sex sells. If you're picturing me in leather and lace with a spiked collar--I won't burst your bubble. Again--sex sells. I won't mention the comfortable jammies...

My focus here is not the leather and lace--sorry.

Marketing. When I hear this word I cringe. Why?? Haha...I wonder how many writers sell their first book and say 'Hooray. I'm rich now.' How many others are laughing along with me? I won't tell a soul if you admit you've said this. Writing a book is only the first step in seeing it reach the hands of readers. As writers we just wanna write, right? We could do this, but we won't get very far. If I calculated the time I spend between writing and marketing, marketing would tip the scales. I'll be the first to admit, my marketing skills are lacking. Good thing I'm learning as I go.

One of the biggest things I've to learn. Yup, you read right. Some of the best advice published writers give to aspiring writers is, "Learn from others." Same in marketing, "Learn from others." Writers are smart. Do you think a writer is only clever in creating a hot storyline? It's amazing how we network. Learn from the best.

Blogging...blogging...blogging. Did you read that? BLOGGING !!! Writers have the awesome capability of juggling. Writers are managing three, four, five or more blogs. Amazing. That's all I can say.

Facebook. A social network that, I won't deny, occupies a huge chunk of my daily time. Twitter. The name alone makes me wonder...


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